Public Testimonials

“After completing summit to sea, I’ve come back to my life unable to see negative. I’ve always been a half glass full type of person but like most, I’ve also had self doubt that has held me back from doing a lot of things. Now, my self doubt is gone and all I hold is excitement for my future both in a personal and work related sense. I know reading this, it sounds too good to be true but let me assure you – if you are strong enough to enter into a 26 day adventure challenge and willing to push yourself in all aspects of your social, physical, emotional, educational and moral being, its hard to doubt your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to from there after.” 

Liz, Summit to Sea

“I arrived on this course open minded not knowing what to expect. I leave this course breathing a new air, determined to discover for myself the benefits of it on myself and others and hold onto the memories.”

Mia – Navigator 

“I have no hesitations or reservations in recommending Outward Bound to anyone. No other program has made me feel so challenged and yet so safe and supported.”

Saphira – Scenic Rim to River

“I had a blast, I pushed myself and have come out the other side rejuvenated and ready to take on life.”

William – Pinnacle

“A special experience where bonds are made and walls are broken down to reveal the importance of growing individually and as part of something greater. To constantly be inspired and keep learning.”

Abby – Scenic Rim to River

At Outward Bound, I got out what I put in: my heart and soul. It is an experience that has enriched my life beyond measure in friends, in confidence, and the ability to be more than I knew possible. Thanks to the lessons that Outward Bound taught me, my life has fundamentally changed. I wake up every morning now with a new-found determination and drive to excel. Intense physical activity has taken a place of paramount importance in my daily life. My mind and spirit is opened to all experiences and possibilities, because I now know that in any hardship comes the opportunity to realise untapped potential. I have learned the virtues of compassion, empathy, and humility, thanks to my OB friends, who became my teachers, and my teachers, who became my friends. I now face the unknown, not with trepidation and fear of failure, but with eyes wide open in child-like wonder, looking for the possible in it. Above all, though, I can say with utmost conviction that Outward Bound is a process that I believe in. In taking such a journey you learn so much, even despite yourself. And those lessons learned are lessons gained for a lifetime.” 

Hannah – Summit to Sea