School Expeditions

Watch your students conquer the challenge of an immersive, wilderness-based learning experience as they disengage from technology to realise their potential through authentic adventure.

Essential Information
The Ultimate Adventure

Learning through Exploration

Let your student cohort explore their capabilities on an authentic Outward Bound school expedition. A journey of connection to themselves, their peers and the natural world as they disconnect from technology and immerse themselves in adventurous outdoor learning where they’ll reframe obstacles and truly unlock potential.

Practical Problem-Solving

Physical activity, mental agility and the ability to work as a team encourage students to problem-solve in practical ways. Questioning situations and actions, persevering through challenges and showing compassion towards others are also areas of growth and development drawn on through these specific adventures.

Program outcomes are designed to set up students with a greater sense of self and the ability to face the future with confidence, resourcefulness and a determination to succeed.

Growth Opportunities – Risk, Reward, Responsibility

Opportunities for collective and independent exploration will see adolescents discover their inner strength. They will be supported to advance their skills, undertake challenging feats, and demonstrate resilience, courage and compassion.

Physical activities that support risk-taking and curiosity are purposefully scattered throughout the program. Problem-solving and mental agility tasks encourage young adolescents to think outside the box. The scaffolding and support of experienced instructors promotes Outward Bound’s core values of risk, reward and responsibility.

Build Confidence, Initiate and Lead

As students commence higher year levels of study, they will start to think about their career path. We hope the subjects they choose and the personal attributes they aspire to will have been developed on journeys like this. A love and respect for nature. The ability to breathe deeply and relax. The emotional intelligence to deal with people empathetically. The belief in themselves to be strong, agile leaders into the future.

Locations - Where does the adventure take place?

Outward Bound runs  School expeditions in awe-inspiring National Parks and wilderness settings for your students to experience the fully immersive, technology-free  adventure that will enable them to grow.

Locations are near:

Itinerary - What will I be doing?

Each location has specific adventures and activities and all school expeditions are customised to meet your needs.

Generally, expedition programs look like this:

Sample 5-day School Expedition with Outward Bound

Packing List - What will I need?

Outward Bound will provide:

  • All group and specialist equipment such as
  • bivvies (an a-frame tarp for sleeping under. Lighter to carry and easier to erect than tents.
  • backpacks
  • sleeping mats
  • cooking stoves and fuel
  • helmets if required for climbing, abseiling and paddling
  • lifejackets if paddling
  • all safety and communication equipment
  • Outward Bound no longer supply sleeping bags unless specifically requested (there is a charge for this).

You can pack all your items into whatever bag is suitable for you, you will need to repack it into the backpack we provide when you arrive. We recommend having only the one, large bag, to avoid losing items. This bag will stay locked up at Outward Bound basecamp.

Wear your expedition clothes on the bus and a keep a change of warm, dry and cosy clothes (and ugg boots!) in your bag for the ride home after your program.

We don’t recommend wearing cotton clothing. It gets wet and cold quickly, and stays that way. Thermals, either synthetic or wool, are much better for school expeditions.

Find your relevent packing list at

Core Outcomes of Outward Bound Programs

The recently released Outward Bound International Global Impact Report 2023 revealed the centralizing theme of CONNECTIONS across all regions and 5 CORE OUTCOMES of Outward Bound programs consistent across the worldwide network of Schools. Connections to:

  1. Self
    • Resilience
    • Confidence
  2. Others
    • Compassion
    • Social Competence
  3. The Natural World
    • Environmental Responsibility
Read what a parent had to say about her experience as an accompanying adult on a recent Outward Bound school expedition
What type of activities will I be challenged by?
Risk v Reward. Question: How do we enable young people, your students, to find the balance? Answer: In a safe, supportive and encouraging environment where actual risk is minimised but perceived risk is large and daunting. Give your students the opportunity to learn these lessons for themselves.
When was the last time you were truly present in the moment? No distractions, no deadlines… just truly present. Now, when was the last time your students had that time to be present? Their time is probably more bombarded by algorithms than ours. Imagine the possibilities...
Your students will be given the opportunity to navigate and lead in a challenging yet supportive environment. Some are leaders, others will follow, and this unfamiliar environment will enable students to become comfortable with their authentic leadership style.
Mountain Biking
School expeditions teach students to take responsibility for their actions and mindsets. Outward Bound propels youth into challenging experiences that instil confidence to take responsibility for their motivation and direction back at home.
Rock Climbing
Adrenaline and Achievement v Fear and Overwhelm. We’re climbers, it’s part of what we do. But we know humans didn’t evolve to climb vertical rock walls with a rope around their waists. But we also know that pushing our limits enables us to achieve more than we ever thought possible.
White Water Rafting
Through physical, emotional and social challenges, outdoor learning experiences help students realise their potential. By expanding their comfort zones, they will discover capabilities, develop resilience and improve confidence so they can overcome life’s challenges.
Optimistic Resilience

The ability to handle adversity, setbacks and challenges are essential milestones to navigate life successfully. School expeditions with Outward Bound support and nurture your students' growth mindset, strengthen their resilience and instill the confidence to kick-start their lives of achievement.
Showing Initiative & Promoting Independence
Upon completion of Outward Bound school expeditions, students regularly express the desire and motivation to attempt new experiences that challenge and inspire them to make a difference in their communities.

Outdoor learning allows students to explore their identity away from the everyday peer pressures of the classroom environment. Conquering fear or overcoming an obstacle outdoors develops a unique perspective of one's self and capabilities.
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