The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Empowering all young Australians aged 14 - 24 to explore their full potential.

Outward Bound Australia is proud to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Whether you are looking to sign up to complete your entire Award with Outward Bound’s Open Award Centre or need to complete your Adventurous Journeys or Gold Residential Project, we are ready to help you find your purpose, passion and place in the world. The longest journey starts with the smallest step. Take that step with Outward Bound.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a leading youth development program, empowering all young Australians aged 14-24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world, regardless of their location or circumstance. The Award is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations.
Key elements of the program are:

Three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each progressively more challenging and rewarding.

Four Sections: Physical Recreation, Skills, Voluntary Service, Adventurous Journey plus Gold Residential Project (Gold Level only).

Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement over a minimum time requirement.

Bronze – minimum 6 months

Silver – minimum 6 months if completed Bronze otherwise 12 months for direct entrants

Gold – minimum 12 months if completed Silver otherwise 18 months for direct entrants

Open Award Centres
Outward Bound Australia are proud to deliver the administrative support and ongoing guidance to help you achieve your complete Duke of Ed Award. Our Open Award Centres are inclusive to all residents of ACT, NSW and VIC aged 14-24 years.
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Adventurous Journeys
Outward Bound Australia will equip you with the skills and knowledge to complete your Adventurous Journeys. Build upon your experiences in navigation, teamwork, and decision-making skills, coached by our professional Supervisors.
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Gold Residential Project
We offer Gold Residential Projects, providing a unique experience to complete your Gold Award with new and interesting people, working towards a common goal. From bush regeneration to cultural understanding, connect with a project that resonates with your values.
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Build Resilience & Confidence
Build a tolerance for uncertainty and showcase your personal resilience. Courageous moments build momentum in your life and your confidence will shine as you take these experiences home and build on them.
Increase Leadership
The Duke of Ed programs provide a framework where your leadership skills are practised and refined throughout the expedition. You will have the opportunity to develop communication and decision-making leadership skills ready for the workforce.
Grow Connections
Cultural traditions, community values and personal connections help identify who we are and where we belong. Through program activities, you will witness cultural values, share common ground and explore compassion, tolerance, and understanding.
Duke of Edinburgh Adventures
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