Outward Bound Expedition (WA)

Outward Bound Expedition (WA)
Enrolment into the Expedition program is through an application process. Clicking on the Book button will take you to the application page.

Held in the April and September school holidays.

Outward Bound Expedition is a young adult development program that will give you personal motivation, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and provide you with the skills to map your journey of self-discovery. Through adventure, laughter and some one-on-one with the wilderness, you’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought possible.

The Expedition program qualifies for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Gold Residential Project. Classification: Activity based - Outdoor adventure courses.
23 Sep 2024 to 2 Oct 2024
Price $1997 p/p
Ages 15-24 years
Region Walpole , wa

Outward Bound programs are beyond a simple outdoor experience. You have the chance to explore your core values and build your capacity for:

  • Compassion for others
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Self confidence
  • Social competence

Enjoy your adventure in the natural environment while you explore the world through the following peak activities:

  • Hiking
  • Coastal inlet Paddling
  • High Ropes
Detailed Information

Outward Bound Expedition is a 10-day personal development program for youth and emerging adults ages 15-24. The program is full of adventure, wilderness, new friends and fun, whilst discovering and developing your potential! You will learn things about yourself you never could in a classroom. The focus is on you, however, you will share your adventure with other young adults in as social group.

Get a head start by adding an Outward Bound certificate to your resume. Completing this program is a great achievement. It aims to provide a greater sense of self, and the ability to face the future with confidence, resourcefulness and a determination to succeed in whatever you decide to do.

Want to develop new skills and accept leadership challenges? Undertaking experiences scaffolded by risk and reward provides teens with a better understanding of themselves and their personal capabilities.

Physical activity, mental agility and the ability to work together as a team encourage teenagers to problem-solve in practical ways. Curiosity, courage and compassion are also areas of growth and development that are drawn on through these specific adventures.

The Outward Bound Expedition program also qualifies for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Residential Project. Classification: Activity based – Outdoor adventure courses. Please contact dukeofed@outwardbound.org.au to arrange for your assessment before arriving on program.

How to apply:

  1. Create a video that answers the question: Why do you want to attend your selected Outward Bound Expedition program? Your response must be:
    1. Delivered in a video format.
    2. 2-minutes duration, +/- 10 seconds.
    3. Presented by the applicant. 
    4. Audible / understandable.
      1. Make sure you are in a location with minimum background noise.
      2. We are not looking for professional quality movies, nor are we seeking to be entertained.
    5. Be sincere and be yourself.
  2. Click on the “Book” button to be taken to the application page.
  3. Select your program location and date from the drop-down menu below and click “Add to cart”. 
  4. On the next page, click “Proceed to checkout”.
  5. Complete the Expedition Application form. This is where you will be asked to upload your video. You can either upload the file directly or upload a Doc that contains a hyperlink we can use to access.
  6. Complete the Billing details then click “Place order”.
    1. The application fee is $20 incl. GST and non-refundable. If you are successful, this amount will be deducted from your program fee (full price $1997).

When will I know if I am successful?

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application 16-weeks before their selected program start date. The notification date for 2024 is:

  1. Monday 03 June 2024 for 23 September – 02 October 2024

Click on the image below to see an indicative program outline.

All our programs are tailored to meet the needs and capabilities of the group, as well as factoring weather and National Park access. As such, each program’s itinerary is unique.

Start and End times:

Please meet us at Walpole Visitor’s Centre by 4:30pm on Day 1.

You program concludes at Walpole Visitor’s Centre at 9:30am on Day 12.

Getting to and from program via public transport:

The program start and end has been designed to match the Transwa GS3 Perth to Albany coach timetable, and we encourage participants to consider this service. You are required to book a seat in advance for this service. Below is the service description to travel from Perth to Walpole. The services are then followed in reverse order for the return journey at the end of your Outward Bound program. 

From Perth, you can begin your public transport journey to us at Perth Airport, Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, or Perth Train Station. 

  1. From Perth Airport, catch the 380 bus service to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station. Link to service description here.
  2. From Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, catch the 950 bus service to Perth Station. Link to service description here.
  3. At Perth Station, board the Australind train service on Platform 3 to Bunbury Passenger Terminal. From here you will disembark and board the road coach to Albany. This is the TransWA GS3 Peth to Albany service.
What to bring
Come prepared and leave inspired!

Please click here to access your packing list for the program: Mid Expedition with Water Activity Packing List.

Participants are expected to come on program with all items, as indicated.

If you do not have any of the items below, try borrowing from friends or family or buying second hand. We have also partnered with Camp List, who provide many of the items listed for hire and/or purchase. To see what is available, go to www.camplist.com.au and in the central search bar type “Outward Bound Australia”.


Outward Bound is the world leader in outdoor education. This global presence has enabled us to develop the most comprehensive  Safety and Risk Management Policies and Procedures. 

We balance risk, reward and responsibility as core tenets of our mission. Our programs are facilitated and supported by a network of qualified, highly trained and experienced instructors, with a clear understanding of this risk/reward balance.

Safety first, always.


We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone (1800 267 999). Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Is this program right for my young person?

Outward Bound provides a safe and supportive environment for your young person to thrive, regardless of their prior experience on an adventure like this. Outward Bound’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity means programs cater to people of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and abilities. However, the Outward Bound team are not trained disability support workers or trauma informed, and OB programs are not for everyone.

Programs are delivered in a group setting, with two staff members facilitating up to 18 participants. We are unable to provide 1-on-1 ongoing support throughout the program for individual participants with complex additional needs.

Participants need to:

  • Be respectful: physical or verbally abusive behaviours will not be tolerated.
  • Co-operate and partake in the fundamental elements of the program, without deliberately disrupting group activities.
  • Self-manage living skills in an outdoor camping environment.

Participants may be removed from the program if they fail to meet these standards.

Please read the full Public Program Participant Behavioural and Personal Competency Expectations before committing to this Outward Bound program.

Where will I be sleeping?

Our programs are expedition-based. You will be hiking to a new expedition campsite every night where you will share a bivvy (A-frame tarp, with waterproof groundsheet and sleeping mat.)

What will I eat?

We value fresh food and endeavour to organise regular food drops for you to enjoy throughout your program. Participants will learn to cook a variety of group-based meals, including pasta, rice, burritos, and perhaps even a roast dinner. We are able to cater for most dietary requirements. We will request your specific dietary needs before the program.

Can I bring technology on program?

An Outward Bound program is your opportunity to ‘disconnect to reconnect’. We will not permit technology such as phones, tablets, music players, etc. on your program. If you need to bring these for your journey before and after your program, we can securely store these while you are out in the bush.

Do I have to wear hiking boots?

We recommend hiking boots for all our programs. If you are unable to source these, you will need to find a suitable pair of lace-up, fully enclosed footwear, that has a rigid sole and provides ankle stability.

Do I have to bring the wet weather clothing?

We use the rain jacket and waterproof overpants as a heat-trapping layer in the evenings, just as much as a waterproof cover in the case of rain. For the majority of situations, we continue with our program when it is raining, and so very strongly encourage participants to provide these items.

Do I have to bring the thermals?

For programs running May – September, yes you do need to bring the thermal top and bottom to program. For programs running at other times, you can choose if you want to bring these or not. Overall, we recommend bringing thermals for any time of year, as they can act as a lightweight jumper in the evenings, or as a pair of pyjamas (which are not a part of our packing list).

Do I have to be very fit to come on a program?

An Outward Bound program is an expedition in the natural environment, so you need to feel confident enough to manage walking on uneven ground for about 6 hours every day of your program, while carrying a hiking pack weighing a minimum of 6kg, or a maximum of up to one third of your total body weight. We do adjust our programs to meet the capabilities of each group.

Do participants come with friends, or as individuals?

Most participants arrive on their own, and depart with a set of new friends.

What are the toilet facilities?

Due to environmental reasons, we don’t regularly use pit toilets while camping out. As an alternative to this we have a hygienic, private toileting system that we assemble for use each day of each program.

I’m over/under the age limits in my preferred program, can I still enrol?

Our programs are carefully constructed to suit specific age levels. Because of this we rarely allow anyone into a program that they do not qualify for. If you would like to join a program outside of your age bracket, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I bring a camera?

You can bring a non-phone camera on program. However there are times when you will not be permitted to use it, such as roping activities, group debriefs etc. If you do bring a camera, please ensure it is well protected and waterproofed. Before you take photos that have other people, you must gain the consent of everyone visible.

I follow cultural routines; can I follow them during a program?

Yes, as long as the cultural routines are permissible within our Safe Operating Procedures and insurance policies. Our staff will do their best to provide time and space for your cultural practices, please disclose your needs to our staff as soon as possible so that we can do our best to accommodate them. Participants who are unable to wear a helmet will not be able to undertake activities where a helmet is required. Safety must come first at Outward Bound Australia.

What gear does Outward Bound Australia supply?

Unless you are advised otherwise, Outward Bound Australia supplies essential items such as backpack, sleeping mat, sleeping shelter, food, cooking and specialist activity equipment. You are required to bring your own sleeping bag, clothing, personal camping equipment (eg. head torch), personal hygiene items and any medication you may require on program.


The Outward Bound Expedition program is application-based for all intending participants. Along with your scholarship application, you also need to complete the Expedition participant application. Please click here for more information.

We want as many people as possible to experience the advantage of a wilderness program in Australia. Through our charity arm, the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund, we can offer financial scholarship opportunities to those participants who would otherwise not be able to afford to come on a program.

There are three scholarship tiers available on every program. At the time of application, you will be asked to select which Scholarship Program Fee you can afford.
The amount selected is the total Program Fee you may be asked to co-contribute. Scholarships do not include any costs associated with clothing, equipment, or transport to and from program.

  • $1,397.90
  • $998.50
  • $399.40

We accept applications for all programs throughout the year. First-round notification of your success for any given program will be advised 16-weeks before program start date.

To apply for a scholarship please go to our Scholarship Application Form.

Fundraising with Prezentbox

Prezentbox is a digital platform that enables family and friends to contribute to your Outward Bound program. Read more about Outward Bound’s partnership with Prezentbox and how it works.

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