Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys

Bronze Adventurous Journey
Take the first step to developing your adventurous spirit. Gain an introduction to navigation and discover there is more in you than you ever thought possible.
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Silver Adventurous Journey
Continue your pursuits in adventurous travel. Further develop your skills in navigation and small team management, and show everyone how much you have progressed.
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Gold Adventurous Journey
You know that with appropriate preparation, and a map and compass, you can truly go anywhere. Refine your capabilities and take the lead in your final Award experiences.
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Learn more about the wider environment, and develop your self-confidence, team work and health.

The Adventurous Journey is all about getting out and going on an expedition or exploration in an unfamiliar and challenging environment, with an agreed objective/purpose. More than any other Section of the Award, the Adventurous Journey is about teamwork and social connection.

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