Walpole, WA

Outward Bound’s Western Australia site is in the Walpole Wilderness area overlooking the Southern Ocean on the south west tip of the country. With sections in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, Gardner State Forest and near the Bibbulmun Track, towering old growth Jarrah, Karri and Tingle forests remind of this ancient land, continually looked after by the Noongar people for thousands of years.

5 hours from Perth, Walpole isn’t your quick getaway. It’s a place to immerse yourself in the silence of the forest and the roar of the ocean on a longer expedition to distance yourself from the pace of modern life. Outward Bound’s base has rustic charm and breathtaking sunrise views over Nornalup Inlet. There are no cabins, it’s all camping for participants with flush toilets at base and non flushing toilets on expeditions.

Although some school groups do camp on base for younger programs, Walpole is a base for full expeditions in the Walpole Wilderness Area. We can alternate between the Bibbulmun Track and off track depending on participants and programs and we have a high ropes course and flying fox on base.

Sample 5-day Expedition Program

Outward Bound programs are designed to deliver the learning outcomes you want for your students. This is the starting point for our discussion and we build a program from there. A 5 - 10 day expedition out of Walpole, WA can include variations of the following activities.

  • hiking
  • high ropes
  • rafting
  • service
  • camping

Sample 5-day Leadership Program

Outward Bound Leadership programs aim to deliver a range of knowledge, skills, and experiences to help your team become more effective leaders. Program content will vary depending on your organisation’s specific goals and objectives, but all leadership programs will encourage understanding and development of different leadership styles, traits and characteristics; both of self and others. With strong focus on:

  • Effective communication - active listening, effective feedback, and persuasive communication.
  • Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation.
  • Strategic Thinking: analyse complex situations, identify key factors, and develop effective strategies.
  • Team Building and Collaboration: build trust, foster collaboration, and manage conflict.
  • Ethics and Integrity: education and guidance on ethical decision-making and the importance of maintaining ethical standards.

Sample 10-day Expedition Program

10-day expeditions through the Walpole Wilderness Area make the trip down the southwest more than worthwhile. They are life-changing. Participants have the opportunity to grow through

  • extended and challenging on or off-track hiking
  • high ropes
  • multi-day rafting expeditions
  • environmental service: removing invasive snail species from coastal environment
  • camping in bush and beach settings

Service is a key part of all Outward Bound programs. It encourages participants to think of others and consider the value of contributing to the community and sustaining our natural environment. Service activities vary for each program, based on the needs of the different areas at different times of the year. Participants have the opportunity for community stewardship through tree planting, conducting flora and fauna surveys and removing invasive species. The management of Walpole inlet's invasive species is a project supported by funding from the Western Australian Government's State NRM Program. For details regarding this program, please follow the link below.
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Solo time can be one of the most impactful elements of an Outward Bound program. Having become comfortable in the outdoors and with the company of the group, ‘time out’ provides an opportunity to rest and reflect. Students are provided with their own ‘spot’ to spend an afternoon and/or overnight with their own bivvy shelter and food. Whilst only 100m or so apart from each other and the nearby supervision of the Group Leaders, this is a unique solitary experience that enables students to reflect on their achievements, dreams, values and goals and focus on what really matters. It provides a rare opportunity to escape today’s digital noise and the views of others - to slow down and listen to their own heart and mind. There is a natural buzz of excitement, chatter and enthusiasm as the group reforms, ready to take on the next part of the expedition.
Citizen Science
Australia is the the driest inhabited continent on our planet. Water is extremely precious and many ecosystems that are already stressed from lack of water are also under threat of pollution. All of us living within water catchments contribute directly or indirectly, significantly or not so significantly to the degradation of our waterways, often without realising the relationships and impacts that humans make. Undertaking a Citizen Science project on the Walpole river could involve counting animal species or testing water quality to help young people understand the vital relationship they have with our waterways and contribute in meaningful ways to maintaining these ecosystems.
Please call Ian Wells on 0419 203374 to discuss your program or email
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