Gold Adventurous Journey – Kiandra to Kosciuszko

Kiandra to Kosciuszko
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Duration: 9 days

Distance: 130km

Difficulty: Advanced. Participants must have some experience in multi-night hiking expeditions, lightweight camping, and navigation skills using a compass and topographic map.

Suitable experience may include having completed the Silver Practice & Qualifying AJs, a recent background in Scouts/Cadets (or similar) programs, a multi-day expedition and camping-based outdoor education program or similar family adventures.
16 Apr 2024 to 24 Apr 2024
Registration closed
Price $1,485 p/p
Ages 16-24
Region Kosciuszko, nsw
Detailed Information

Complete your Gold Adventurous Journey for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award with Outward Bound Australia. Challenge yourself with one of Australia’s classic multi-day hiking journeys, immersed in the alpine high country.  


Our AJ Supervisors are qualified in Outdoor Recreation/Leadership, First-Aid, have a Working have Children Check and carry first aid and emergency communication equipment.


Outward Bound Australia National Base
35 Naas Road, Tharwa ACT 2620



A shuttle pick-up is available from the following points:

  • Canberra Train Station (Kingston) at 0930
  • Canberra Airport (Arrivals lounge) at 1000

Outward Bound Australia National Base
35 Naas Road, Tharwa ACT 2620



A shuttle drop-off is available from the following points:

  • Canberra Airport (Departures entrance) at 1530
  • Canberra Train Station at 1600

Maximum of 14 Gold Award Participants.
Please note we require a minimum of 10 participants to run this journey. 

Date TBC: Approx. 1-month before journey commences.

Join online for a pre-journey briefing. This will be your opportunity to meet everyone in your journey group, your Journey Supervisor who will be in the field with you, and Program Coordinator who will be managing peripheral safety and logistics. 

As part of your journey expectations, all participants will be responsible for the development and supply of your expedition menu. As a whole group you will need to agree on your meals and organise who will purchase which items to be supplied for the whole group. Most of the pre-journey meeting will be taken up by this activity. 

Day 1

Arrive at Outward Bound National Base. We will undertake a thorough check of your food, clothing and equipment. Once confirmed good to go we will travel to near the starting point of your journey, where we will undertake some navigation and group cohesion activities to set you up for success. 

Days 2, 3, 4, 5

Practice Adventurous Journey. At the end of your Practice AJ, there will be a food drop for your Qualifying AJ. If you are unable to continue with the Qualifying AJ, you will be able to exit the journey at this point*.

* There is no credit or partial refund for early departure of the total 9-day journey.  

Days 6, 7, 8, 9

Qualifying Adventurous Journey. At the end of your journey we will depart back to Outward Bound Base. 

What to bring
Provided by Outward Bound Australia

Outward Bound Australia will provide the following equipment to cater as a whole group:

  • Stoves (Trangia) and compatible fuel
  • Bivvy / Hootchie (sleeps 2-3 people) 
    • Participants may choose to carry their own tent. This must be personally supplied. 

All other equipment, clothing and food must be provided by the participants. 


As part of the pre-journey briefing, participants will plan out their meals as a group. The expectation is participants will be included in whole-group catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the total 9-day journey. Dietary requirements will be factored for and may require some items to be sourced by those specific participants. 

Meals required:

  • Personal lunch for Day 1
  • Group Dinner x 8 days
  • Group Breakfast x 8 days
  • Group Lunch x 8 days
  • Personal emergency meal (dehydrated meal suggested) x1
  • Personal snacks, evening treats x 9 days
Clothing and Equipment

Please click the image below to see your recommended kit list. This list does include the items supplied by Outward Bound Australia (stove and fuel). The list also includes a tent; you do not need to provide a tent if you intend to use the Outward Bound supplied bivvy.

Participants are expected to arrive with all equipment as per the list. We have partnered with CampList, from whom you can hire and/or purchase many of the items on the list. To see what is available, go to and in the central search bar, type “Outward Bound Australia”.


Outward Bound is the world leader in outdoor education. This global presence has enabled us to develop the most comprehensive  Safety and Risk Management Policies and Procedures. 

We balance risk, reward and responsibility as core tenets of our mission. Our programs are facilitated and supported by a network of qualified, highly trained and experienced instructors, with a clear understanding of this risk/reward balance.

Safety first, always.


We want as many people as possible to experience the advantage of a wilderness program in Australia. Through our charity arm, the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund, we can offer financial scholarship opportunities to those participants who would otherwise not be able to afford to come on a program.

To apply for a scholarship please go to our Scholarship Application Form.

Fundraising with Prezentbox

Prezentbox is a digital platform that enables family and friends to contribute to your Outward Bound program. Read more about Outward Bound’s partnership with Prezentbox and how it works.

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