Australian Outward Board Development Fund

Ensuring Outward Bound programs are accessible for all Australians, regardless of financial, social, educational or geographical disadvantage.

Supporting Young Australians

The Australian Outward Bound Development Fund (AOBDF) is a charity established in 1999 to give all Australians the opportunity to experience the life affirming benefits of an Outward Bound adventure learning program.

AOBDF offers scholarships on Outward Bound programs to selected participants experiencing financial, social, educational or geographical disadvantage.

AOBDF is a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status welcoming tax deductible donations from individuals, family trusts and organisations.

Together we help disadvantaged young Australians become well-rounded, responsible, capable, adaptable and compassionate future leaders.

Thank you to our sponsors

AOBDF Supporting Individuals
Individual scholarships are available for Outward Bound School Holiday Programs and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. You will need to answer a detailed questionnaire and applicants are assessed individually on merit.

Please don't be discouraged by the questionnaire, we need you to answer truthfully so we can assign donor money to you accurately. For example, some donors might ask for their donation to help a young female in a single parent family in rural Australia. Other donors are happy for us to assign their money more generally. We always need to prove to donors how we've spent their money so please don't be disheartened or embarrassed by the questions. This is how we help you.

Choose your School Holiday Program or Duke of Ed Award program and complete this Scholarship Application Form.
AOBDF Supporting Organisations
If you work with a disadvantaged group of people and want them to experience a transformational Outward Bound program you can apply for AOBDF support for the cost of your program.

AOBDF receives funds to support a variety of programs. Some donors specifically support programs for indigenous Australians, newly arrived migrant women or young homeless people, for example. Others donate money for AOBDF to provide support wherever it’s needed. You could be a non-profit, school or a voluntary organisation working with disadvantaged people and be eligible for support.

Please, apply now by completing the AOBDF Funding Support application form.
Supporting AOBDF
The Australian Outward Bound Development Fund is extremely fortunate to have long term supporters who contribute significantly and regularly. However in these challenging times their are far more organisations and individuals in need of assistance and we have spent a considerable amount of time applying for grants to support our work.

If you are in a position to make a tax-deductible donation as an individual, an organisation, the representative of a Family Trust or philanthropic organisation we welcome your contribution. You can choose a specific cause to support or allow us to make that decision for you.

Donations can be made online at our Donate Now page. For organisations wishing to donate larger amounts please call Ian Wells on 0419 203374.

Examples of AOBDF supported programs

2015 Australian Young Indigenous Leadership Summit

A joint initiative between AIME and Outward Bound Australia, sponsored by Perpetual

Boral Youth Leadership Project 2017

A Boral initiative for students of Southern Highland, NSW public secondary schools

Outward and Upward - Qantas Foundation & Outward Bound Australia

A partnership with The Qantas Foundation and Australian Business and Community Network

Queanbeyan Community Drug Action Team Leadership Program 2018

A partnership with Queanbeyan Community Drug Action Team and Australian Outward Bound Development Fund

How do These Partnerships Work?

In the first instance, Community Partnerships begin when a school, community group, local corporation, business or organisation identifies a problem or opportunity for young people and are committed to providing a solution. This involves the coming together of community champions who are motivated and willing to take a leadership role in promoting and coordinating programs at a local level.

There are four key ingredients:

  • A community that wants to provide their young people with greater educational opportunities in life and has the motivation to get the program started;
  • Community champions who are willing to take a leadership role in promoting and coordinating the programs at a local level;
  • A sponsor willing to assist with the costs of the program; and
  • Dedicated Outward Bound Program Managers and facilitator to provide an empowering program.
Some of Our Community Partners
Business Partnering with Education
Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
Beacon Foundation
Real Futures for Young Australians
National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy
The Smith Family
Everyone's Family
Wesley Mission Victoria
Helping People Most in Need
Supporting Young Australians
Our Funding Partners

We are incredibly thankful for the difference these partnerships and programs have made in many Australians’ lives. These opportunities, funded by private donors, Trusts, Foundations and Corporations, including the Qantas Foundation, Trust Company, Ian Potter Foundation, Equity Trustees, QLD Government, Westpac Foundation, Coal & Allied, Boral & Aurizon have changed the trajectory of life for so many.

The Trust Company
Qantas Foundation
Coal & Allied
The Ian Potter Foundation
James N Kirby Foundation
Gandel Philanthropy
Future2 Foundation
Mutual Trust
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