Why Choose an Outward Bound Program?

They build resilient, compassionate, self-confident and socially competent agile thinkers with increased environmental responsibility... and they're fun!

Outward Bound is a global movement founded in 1941 to inspire people across the globe to discover their potential and in doing so, contribute to a better, bolder, more compassionate and more resilient society. Outward Bound schools are now in 35 countries across six continents.

Our expert instructors, using our proven learning model, facilitate authentic learning adventures in the outdoors for over 150,000 participants every year; adventures that connect individuals to their self, to others and to the natural world. An Outward Bound program is an immersive, life changing experience that is carefully designed to take participants out of their familiar comfort zones and into an area of growth.

Outward Bound is the heart and heritage of outdoor education in Australia; proudly delivering life-changing experiences to over 500,000 Australians since 1956.

Core Outcomes of Outward Bound

The recently released Outward Bound International Global Impact Report 2020 revealed the centralizing theme of CONNECTIONS across all regions and 5 CORE OUTCOMES of Outward Bound programs consistent across the worldwide network of Schools. Connections to:

  1. Self
    • Resilience
    • Confidence
  2. Others
    • Compassion
    • Social Competence
  3. The Natural World
    • Environmental Responsibility


Often described as the “ability to bounce back,” resilience is a core outcome of Outward Bound courses. Rather than letting adversity drain their resolve, people who demonstrate resilience find a way for their challenges to build them up and make them stronger. Resilience has a strong association with mental health and has been shown to protect individuals from various mental health conditions. On Outward Bound courses, participants have the opportunity to deal with challenge and adversity within a positive and supportive group environment.

The Outward Bound Australia Deadly Directions Leadership Program offers personal development opportunities for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth aged between 17-22 years. The objective was to increase their self-confidence and develop leadership skills through a shared adventure learning experience. Participants completed a Program Experience Questionnaire, where participants self-reported several metrics measuring “I have desirable qualities” (General Self Concept) and “I interact well with others” (Social Self Concept). 100% of participants reported increased self-confidence with the average measured increase being 12% and 8% respectively.


One of the core outcomes of an Outward Bound course, is also experienced as self-belief, self-esteem, self-efficacy, independence, and motivation to achieve. Outward Bound gives people a different experience of challenge and achievement – one they may never have felt before. It pushes them to the limits of what they think they’re capable of and shows them that there is more in them than they think.

The Outward Bound New Zealand (OBNZ) Regional Schools Program provides youth with the invaluable opportunity to develop their own personal toolbox to guide them through life. Students learn how to respect and protect our natural environment and become a contributing member of their communities through service and teamwork. 88% of them reported increased self-confidence six months after completing the course.


Social Competence

Environmental Responsibility

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