Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage – a new program to facilitate and acknowledge the significant milestones on your students’ journeys through their transition to high school, adolescence and into the adult world.

In collaboration with Dr Arne Rubinstein, renowned expert on adolescent development and founder of the Rites of Passage Institute, we have co-designed an Outward Bound Rite of Passage program.

“Marking the transition from one stage of life to another is fundamental in the growth, connectedness and health of an individual and community” – Arne Rubinstein.

This innovative program helps students transition through awkward and lonely adolescent stages, by:

  • strengthening their sense of self
  • developing critical life skills
  • unlocking their potential, and
  • helping them to create a healthy vision of their future.

Elements of an Outward Bound Rite of Passage

The Rite of Passage framework is designed around 4 elements:

  1. Story: connection and relationships are deepened using storytelling
  2. Challenge: resilience is strengthened by providing challenge
  3. Vision: creating a vision for the future and a framework to achieve it
  4. Honouring: most importantly, every young person is honoured and recognised for their individual gifts, strengths and talents.

Rite of Passage Process


Students are engaged in the process. They leave the comfort and familiarity of school and family,well prepared for the journey ahead.


During the rite of passage journey students undergo a fundamental shift, giving them a new focus and clarity of self and purpose. They are invited to step up to new responsibilities. Accompanying elders/teachers are instrumental in the process of sharing stories and experiences.


With a shared story, parents/ carers and teachers are engaged to understand the new expectations of students and their vital role in honouring and celebrating their young person’s transformation on their return.

Where would a Rite of Passage journey have the most impact for your students?

  • Year 7’s navigating their first term as the little fish in the big pond?
  • Year 9’s on the verge of adulthood?
  • Year 10’s transitioning to leadership roles in senior school?
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