David Pocock Visits Outward Bound Tharwa

David Pocock, Independent Senator for the ACT in the Australian Parliament, visited Tharwa yesterday in April for a lap around the high ropes (see video at the bottom of the page).

He’s a genuine believer in Outdoor Education as a way for young people to disengage from technology and engage with themselves, their peers and the natural world to help build a better future. And, he absolutely walks the walks… even 10m off the ground!

He completed this part of the high ropes course “hands-free”, the most challenging way, but he is definitely “hands-on” when it comes to supporting young Australians. During a chat with Loren Miller, our Executive Director and co-Chair, David reiterated his support for Outward Bound Australia’s mission and pledged to promote Outward Bound and the work we do within the Federal Government.

Thanks David, you’re welcome back anytime for the next challenge. 

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