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John called me in June 2020 and told me this story. I was overwhelmed, humbled, grateful and extremely emotional all at the same time. The amazing thing about John’s story is it’s actually Peter W’s story. In summary, this is what John told me. I did an Outward Bound...

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For the past 60 years, people have challenged themselves on unique outdoor adventure programs with Outward Bound Australia (OBA) – building their confidence, growing with others and connecting with nature. As a community organisation, Outward Bound has likewise been challenged over the years, evolving with each bump in the...

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  Please read Re-Imagining Outward Bound from June 2020, where Loren writes about repositioning OBA for a brave ‘new world’ where adventure learning is a powerful pathway to unlock our full potential.

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by Ellie Hargrave In March 2020 the decision was made to move an operations base from Uki, Northern NSW back to Tharwa, ACT during the COVID pandemic. A dedicated crew of staff quickly packed trailer upon trailer of ropes, helmets, paddles, paperwork and maps to get everything to ACT...

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Update 10 December 2020: Ian Curlewis will always be remembered at Outward Bound Australia’s national base at Tharwa. A redbox gum was planted beside the ropes course in his memory by Executive Chair Loren Miller, Board members Jessica Bulger and Simon Crisp and senior staff Helene de Lagillardaie and...

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… an update from Loren Miller, new Chair and Acting CEO. Dear Friends of Outward Bound, It’s been a challenging time! It will be no surprise to hear that both the bushfires and COVID19 have significantly impacted Outward Bound. Please read ‘Reimagining Outward Bound June 2020‘, to share our...

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We sent this to our northern NSW, south-east Queensland partners today, 19th June 2020. “Unfortunately Outward Bound Australia will not be delivering programs in northern NSW in 2020 and is no longer operating from the Uki base. We will continue to deliver programs from our national base at Tharwa,...

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Outward Bound is back! We had a brief sleep after the combined impacts of summer bushfires and COVID-19, but we’re excited to say, “We’re back!” It will be a long, slow journey to the top of the mountain to watch the sun rise, but we’ll be there, with you....

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Outward Bound Australia is in Hibernation 25th March 2020 “In order for OBA to be able to change lives into the future, we are currently winding down the business and reducing staffing to a minimum to enable hibernation through this crisis. The intent is that once the pandemic and...

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It’s 100 years since influential educator Kurt Hahn first penned his “declines of modern youth”. While they are equally relevant in today’s digitally enhanced, social media obsessed 2020 as in Hahn’s post-war industrialised 1920 Germany, it is the remedies to these declines that reverberate across the century. The German...

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Blown by winds in our favour, smoke drifts in front of Mount Tennant and I am reminded that nothing stays the same. The first few months of 2020 have been a whirlwind of fires and smoke, and commitment and generosity, and adaption and delivery.  And through it all we...

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  Schools, claim your $10,000 here, read about our new Rite of Passage program, help your teaching staff be courageous leaders and our 1st birthday Duke of Ed present to you!. Community not-for-profit groups, claim your $50,000 here and help your team be courageous leaders. Our world has changed....

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