We are Outward Bound

We believe that there is more in all of us than we know, but that all too often it remains hidden without a little exploration. We believe that outside your comfort zone is the magic place where change happens, but the confidence to take that step sometimes requires a little nudge, trust and a load of support. That’s why for millions of people every year, Outward Bound creates powerful experiences, that harness the power of adventure, and the transformative impact of the wilderness, to help them build character and unlock their potential. So that they too, become Outward Bound.

Core Belief

We believe that there is more in all of us than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything less.

Our Mission

We help grow potential in young people by harnessing the power of outdoor experiential learning.

Our Core Values

We help grow potential in young people by harnessing the power of outdoor experiential learning.

What we do

As part of the Outward Bound International network, we deliver powerful learning experiences that harness the transformative impact of adventure and the outdoors


We are
who love the
We have the best trained
and most experienced
staff in Australia. Our staff
are educators and
outdoor instructors, as
passionate about human
development as they are
about the outdoors.


We translate experiences into potential
With over 70 years experience and operating in more than 33
countries worldwide, Outward Bound has by far the most experience
in designing and providing outcomes based learning programs that
utilise the outdoors.


We take you to
a place apart.
We offer courses
nationwide that harness
the power of Australia's
incredible wilderness. Our
operating locations are
based in inspiring places
that provide limitless

Design Principles

Experiential Learning

Learning by doing. Providing diverse stimulating activities involving teamwork.

Safe and Supporting Environment

Providing the right support, guidance and belief in your potential so that you can challenge yourself and celebrate your success.

Adventure and Challenge

Stepping out of your comfort zone to face mental, physical, social and emotional challenges with sense of fun and adventure.


Allowing you to make decisions, experience consequence, success and failure, being accountable for what you say and do.

Skill and Care

Self-respect, using initiative and being resourceful to achieve to the best of your ability.

Minimal Impact Practices

Conducting ourselves in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways.

Solitude and reflection

Providing a place apart to appreciate silence, reflect on your values and set goals for your future.

Course Objectives

Personal Development

To enhance self-awareness, self esteem, confidence, discipline and motivation.


To enhance appreciation and awareness of others strengths and skills.

To develop an understanding of the positive attributes of an effective team including leadership, followship, participation, trust and communication.

Leadership Development

To develop social awareness, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

To provide group leadership opportunities in challenging and unfamiliar settings.


To teach the concept of service.

To provide opportunities to model and practise acts of service to others and/or the environment.

To develop a service ethic.


To develop an appreciation and awareness of the natural environment.

To develop awareness of minimal impact practices.

Our Values


Being true to yourself and others - having the courage to honour your values and commitments


To self, others and the environment. To be accountable for your decisions and actions


The determination to persevere through adversity and challenge, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances


Service beyond self - for the betterment of others and the environment


Caring for others and accepting the differences among people in or diverse global community

Our Incredible Team

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