5 reasons to go on your next adventure!

Have you ever been caught Googling your next adventure at work? Looking out the window at your university lecture day dreaming of going hiking on the weekend? Want to push the boundaries of what you think you can do in the wild?

Chuck down that pen, turn off the computer monitor…hold on!! Finish reading this to get pumped up!! And then discover life as it should be lived! Come on our next Discover adventure!

5 reasons to go on a Discover adventure!

1. Push your limits

You know that this is something you want to do! Ever been in a job interview where they have told you that you don’t have enough leadership experience? Or ‘umming and ahhing’ to give a specific example of when you came up with a solution on the run which helped your team? This is more than heading to the gym and doing a spin class. This is realising that there is more in you than you think.

2. New friends

Immerse yourself in an awesome team environment. Take 5 days to get to know others with similar interests and reap the rewards of connecting with people. Not something you can do at the coffee station at work.

3. Adventure for life

Always wanted to be able to confidently travel off track reading map and compass? Want to learn some roping skills so you can begin to go on your own rock climbing or canyoning trips? Begin your adventurous life with us and grow in confidence in the outdoors with our fantastic team of highly skilled instructors.

4. Give technology a holiday

Take a break from emails, You tube, Instagram. Live in the real world and come back to your daily life refreshed and invigorated. It will still be there at the end and you will feel better for it. Reconnect with nature and take the time out for yourself.

5. Get wild in the wild!

Be yourself! Stunning landscapes and starry nights take you from stressed to fresh! See new places you can only travel to by foot. For five days you can let loose and be yourself. When you get home and look in the mirror you may even see a new you!

So what are you waiting for? Put your application for leave in, tell your family and friends and get excited for going on your next adventure!


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