Peter W Memorial Scholarship

John called me in June 2020 and told me this story. I was overwhelmed, humbled, grateful and extremely emotional all at the same time. The amazing thing about John’s story is it’s actually Peter W’s story. In summary, this is what John told me.

I did an Outward Bound program in 1963 that had a significant impact on my life. Recently, my lifelong friends tragically lost their adult son, Peter W, to suicide.

Peter W was the life of the party, successful and universally loved and respected. He also suffered from mental illness, and despite battling it with the help of family and friends for years, it overcame him.

I know how life affirming Outward Bound programs can be so I’ve spoken with Peter’s parents and we’d like to establish the Peter W Memorial Scholarship in his honour. Friends of the family will donate money to the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund to enable a young person between the ages of 15 and 17 to participant in an Outward Bound Navigator Program. “

I’m now extremely proud and humbled to say that the Peter W Memorial Scholarship is now taking applications for a full scholarship to attend a Navigator program. There is still availability for the Grampians, Victoria, in the April school holidays (ACT has sold out) and you can apply for a scholarship to attend this program, or later programs in the ACT by completing this Outward-Bound-Australia-Scholarship-Application form.

It’s a full scholarship sponsored by the friends and family of Peter W, in his memory.

If you’d like to support the Peter W Memorial Scholarship with a donation of your own, please donate here.


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