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We would like to share a letter from one of our recent participants – Lewis Francis. Lewis completed the June 2017 Rainforest Navigator Program in Northern NSW and was recognized by our instructors as “an amazing addition to the group and by far the strongest leader”. Lewis took part in the program on a part scholarship from the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund. The Australian Outward Bound Development Fund (AOBDF) was established in 1999 to enable Outward Bound programs to be as accessible as possible to those who are financially, socially and geographically disadvantaged. Young people like Lewis have the chance to discover, develop and achieve their potential through the continued generosity of all who have donated over the years. To all those people Outward Bound Australia thanks you! We hope you enjoy reading the letter written by Lewis.

“Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for your sponsorship which has made this experience possible for me. This course has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin and mind. Not only have I made what will be lasting memories forever but I have also gained knowledge which will assist me into my years as a young adult. Among other things, I feel more comfortable cooperating with other people, being more patient in frustrating times and having a filter on my tone of voice so as not to be rude accidentally. I have been pushed and supported simultaneously both physically and mentally and I have met great friends and role models of happy and respectable adults. Overall this course has prepared me to become a better, happier individual and I could not have been here without your help.

Most appreciatively,

Lewis Francis”

Congratulations once again to Lewis. Outward Bound Australia wishes you the very best in your future endeavors!

If you would like to support more young people like Lewis please consider donating to the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund. Your support helps young people become their best selves.

Please donate to the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund

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