Outward Bound Junior (12-15 years)

Escape the ordinary and make new friends from across the country. Face challenges in a fun and exciting way. You’ll have one adventure after another.

Outward Bound Junior is for youth aged 12-15 years. It is often a young person’s first introduction to Outward Bound Australia programs, with many young people continuing into the Expedition programs and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

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Outward Bound Junior is all about young adolescents 12-15 years exploring their potential through adventure, challenge and fun in the natural world. Escape the ordinary and engage in some thrill seeking activities such as high ropes, abseiling and rock climbing. Enroll individually or come with family and friends.

The Outward Bound Junior 12-15 years program is a 5-day introduction program to remote area adventure. It is our school holiday introduction to the suite of Outward Bound Australia programs. Many participants continue with the Outward Bound Expedition program and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Outward Bound Australia will support age-appropriate risk taking and curiosity, and open the way to make new friends from across the country. The bush locations of our programs will delight and inspire teens who are drawn to the outdoors or have a passion for the environment. Through the combination of problem solving and adventurous activities, the Outward Bound Junior 12-15 years program will provide leadership opportunities and empower emerging teens to step out of their comfort zones. They will discover they are much more capable than what they previously thought. 

As a member of the Outward Bound International community, Outward Bound Australia programs deliver on the following outcomes:

  • Compassion for Others
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Self Confidence
  • Social Competence

If your young person has previously completed an Outward Bound Family Adventure program, this is a great opportunity to progress their independence and confidence.

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15-19 April 2024, 30 Sep – 4 October 2024, 13-17 January 2025, 14-18 April 2025

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