The first 12 months – An Instructor’s Journey

8 years ago Jennie was a young person on an Outward Bound program thanks to the support of her local Lions Club. Describing the experience as a “big reality check” and “hating the first three days” Jennie realised during her own Outward Boundjourney that she had ultimate control over her life. With a greater appreciation of herself and those around her, Jennie finished her journey with “greater confidence and initiative”. Not only that but on the bus ride home Jennie thought how “amazing it was that our instructor got to work outside all day and help others” which sowed the seed for Jennie to begin her own Outward Bound career eight years later by embarking on the Outward Bound Staff in Training program. Recently graduating Jennie shares some of her highlights and photos from her year as a staff in training.

Photo credit: Jennie Moore

In 2017 I was accepted into Outward Bound Australia’s Staff in Training program. It became clear fairly early on that this work community was different to any other I’d ever been apart of before. Everyone you worked with generally seemed to CARE about you and what you had to say.

We were exposed to the world of rock climbing, campfires, slack lining, rafting, abseiling, tree climbing, bush walking and canoeing. Our weeks were filled with learning and our weekends were filled with twice as much fun and adventure.  Sometimes, this time away from friends and family was challenging but it was comforting to know that all of our training group supported each other.

After a year of training my instructor assessment course arrived where I had to demonstrate to an assessor that I was competent to safely lead a group. Reality hit hard when I realized I was responsible for 18 young people in the woods for days at a time. The thought of this is scary for anyone! It’s not because you’re not ready, or you can’t do it. It is because you start doubting yourself and the impact you can have on other’s lives.

My assessment course is now one of my favourite memories. It taught me to be honest, confident in my abilities as an instructor and to always look after myself as well as to look after others. It made me stronger and more open to new experiences. Ironically enough, this is exactly what we try to teach our participants.

Outward Bound Australia’s mission statement is to provide challenging experiences that help people to discover, develop and achieve their potential.
I believe this isn’t just something we teach others – it is what we experience for ourselves on every program.

My favourite courses are the ones where nature does its thing and we just learn to be a part of it. My groups and I have faced everything from ankle deep snow, howling winds, days too hot to walk, lightning storms, flash floods, mud like quicksand, water bottles frozen solid, months of continuous rain, star gazing, sunrises, sunsets, spikey plants, biting insects, late nights, and plenty of early mornings. From all these experiences I learnt about myself and others and have a greater appreciation for life.

This August celebrates a year since I started instructing.
That is 108 days sleeping under the stars,
20 groups experiencing a sunrise with
And 300 + students that have expressed to me what they are passionate about.

This job isn’t for everyone. The days are long, the teams are dynamic and you work all week to change the lives of someone you’ll never see again.

But that is also why everyone who works here loves it.
We are all passionate about being a part of something that is bigger then ourselves.

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