Perth College – Building Resilience in Young Women

With over 30 years as a cherished client of Outward Bound, Perth College continue to bring out the best in their young women. The inspiring outdoor education program is designed to deliberately put the girls in a safe and supported position out of their comfort zone with a goal of drawing out and using personal and group abilities. This develops the students resilience and ability to cope throughout their future lives. A staff member took the time recently to sit down with us and share his insights with working closely with Outward Bound for over 10 years.

Why does Perth College choose Outward Bound as it’s outdoor education provider?

For us it is important that our girls participate in a different experience than what they might be used to as a way of challenging them. Perth College has had an association with Outward Bound for around 30 years and for us this has now become a rite of passage for the girls. I love the fact that some of the parents of our girls completed an Outward Bound program when they were at Perth College. Outward Bound offers our girls the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and also to draw from their own strengths.

What results does the College see after the young women return home?

We don’t necessarily see a major shift or anything like that. We do, however, hear them discuss the program and how they can use the experience to help them overcome other difficult moments in their lives. More so years down the track they talk about their Outward Bound experience fondly. It is one of those life changing moments.

What do the young women say about their experience?

This varies from terrible to love it. Primarily though, they say that they are glad that they have participated. It’s one of those activities in life for many students that sets a benchmark in the future when they need to draw on their resilience in difficult times.

How do the Outward Bound team support the young women during the program?

Outward Bound are continuing to develop with today’s teenager. They are able to draw the best out of them – challenge them and push them so that they are stretched beyond their comfort zone. As such they have greater resilience in the future.

What is one of your best memories from taking part in an Outward Bound program?

My best memories from any adventure learning program is to see how the students can come together as a community and look out for each other. They draw on their own individual strengths to for a cohesive and highly functioning team. It is really enjoyable to identify an individual’s strength early and harness this for the good of the program.

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