Outward Bound Alumni Reunion Sydney – October 2019

Thank you to the 57 Outward Bound Australia alumni who attended our first reunion in Sydney in October 2019. Attendees from 1956 through to 1990 shared stores that inspired all current Outward Bound employees to continue the great work we do.

(If you didn’t attend and don’t want to see the photos, scroll to the bottom for the inspirational quotes.)

Inspirational Quotes

I could tell you how amazing Outward Bound is, but I’ll let you hear it from the people who know it best:

We asked two questions:

What is your most memorable Outward Bound experience?


What did you gain the most from your Outward Bound experience?

Here’s what they said:


The blisters on my hands from rowing the surf boats up the river!!! Lynne Duckham, 1971.
Outward Bound was absolutely life changing for me, so I went on to work there. Jennifer Beck, 1982.
It was one of the great experiences in my life..I still have wonderful memories. Andrew Dunn, 1970.
Dangling over Bungonia Gorge on a rope boosted my self-confidence back at work. Robin Senn, 1987
WHAT?!! You want me to stand in this creek in my brand new boots??!! Susie Stevenson, 1971
Life survival/”thrival” requires both self reliance and opening up to others. Susie Stevenson, 1971.
We jumped into the bush to avoid a truck coming over the hill. It was actually a jet fighter buzzing low! Peter Goodall, 1970
I learnt we can all overcome self imposed limitations and do things we would not have thought possible. Peter Goodall, 1970.
Doing naked push-ups in puddles to train for having a cold shower every day… in Winter! Ken Bergin, 1963.
That even the seemingly most daunting of challenges can be overcome with thought and planning. Ken Bergin, 1963.
It taught me so many things that I wouldn’t fully comprehend until many years later. Amanda Pitcher, 1990.
Realising that we’re all different – in age, background, location – but we all go through challenges. Amanda Pitcher, 1990.
Sometimes the best way to help someone is listen, understand , and not tell them how to fix things. Amanda Pitcher, 1990.
The day after finishing my leaving certificate exams I experienced 26 days that changed my life. Jim Mein AM, 1960.
Focusing on helping others overcome their own fears or weaknesses helps you overcome your own fears. Chris Mein, 1992.
The Westpac guys received packages from Alumni colleagues full of EMPTY chocolate wrappers at SOLO. Ian Jervis, 1986.
I had no direction, purpose or focus on arrival. I left inspired and equipped for the road ahead. Ian Jervis, 1986.
It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that I still have with a fellow Outward Bounder, Alison. Elisabeth Robertson, 1974.
The beginning of my love of the Aussie bush and outdoors, though I still hate climbing hills with a pack! Elisabeth Robertson, 1974.
Helping a guy seriously lacking confidence complete the rock climbing. Earle Shields, 1981.
“To serve to strive and not to yield” has become a significant part of my worldview. Earle Shields, 1981.
It was life changing. It gave me a belief in myself to navigate life with confidence. Peter Miller, 1974.
15 words?! I would need 15,000 words to properly convey my Outward Bound experience! Sandy Herberte, 1977.
Outward Bound taught me how delicious water can be! Sandy Herberte, 1977.
Outward Bound sharpens the mind, strengthens the body and deepens the soul. Sandy Herberte, 1977.
Being presented my medal by Sir Adrian Curlewis at the end of the course. Meeting Sir Adrian was very special. Mark Wharton, 1979.
My limits were not what I thought they were. Outward Bound gave me freedom to have a go at anything. Mark Wharton, 1979.
It is okay to have weaknesses, and to address them….but as a balanced team you can do almost anything together! Lynne Duckham, 1971.
Watching the sun rise as the full moon set over water – rare moment of beauty, stillness & silence. Helen Berriman, 1976.
The feeling of total peace and calm when on the 1 or 2 night solo. Sue Littleton, 1987.
When faced with challenges I remember abseiling down the cliff and I know I can overcome any challenge today. Sue Littleton, 1987.
Best experience was abseiling at Fisherman’s Bend. Challenging but great fun. Fraser Green, 1967.
We are all different but in the team challenges we could rely on each other. What an experience! Fraser Green, 1967.
Abseiling down a cliff into a river in North Queensland. I didn’t like heights. Peter Frost, 1983 and 1989.
Never, never, never give up. Peter Frost, 1983 and 1989.
I aim to apply “to strive, to serve & not to yield” in all instances: studying, working or at play, anywhere in the world. Sally Rippingale, 1967.
It may be once in a lifetime, but never, never to be forgotten. Sally Rippingale, 1967.
Solo. Increased my resilience. Helped me cope with a LOT of things that occurred later. Margaret Tresidder, 1981.
Never give up… the motto “to serve, to strive, and not to yield”. Suzanne Kearney, 1978.
The rope course petrified me. I was very satisfied when I conquered it. Margarethe Trimble, 1965.
I was very shy and lacked confidence communicating. It helped build my confidence and overcome shyness. Margarethe Trimble, 1965.
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