My mum is sending me on Outward Bound adventure…

So your Mum (or Dad) have sat next to you on the couch and clear their throat..

”Ahem…[insert your name] or darling etc. I’ve seen this cool adventure you can go on next school holidays”

You roll your eyes.

“It’s called Outward Bound and it’s 12 days camping in the wilderness doing heaps of fun stuff.”

Sound familiar? Have you been in this situation before? Okay we know the first response from you will be “No way. I don’t want to go” but hear us out by reading through the top four reasons why your parents want you to go on this adventure. And no, the reason “Because we want a holiday without you” is not one of the reasons.

Transitioning to Adulthood.

Transitioning to being an adult is not easy and your parents want to help you become more in control of your life. This means making decisions that are sometimes not the easiest or having a feeling that you are responsible for others. On Outward Bound adventures you will learn how to look after yourself and your team. This means that at times you will step into being the leader and have to make decisions to ensure the team is well looked after. Outward Bound instructor’s are there to help and support you to make the best decisions and have success. And, like anything, the more you practice the better you become. These are skills you can take home and use in real life.

Gets you away from the stresses of school/work.

Being out in nature has been shown to help people be less stressed and enjoy themselves. Often in your last year of school it can feel that you are going from exam to assignment to part time work. On Outward Bound adventures the only tests you get are tests of character. Yes, there may be times on an Outward Bound adventure when you feel stressed but you have a team to support you. When you achieve your goals you celebrate with high fives not grades.

Give you a chance to meet new friends.

At Outward Bound your team is your most important element of your journey. You will learn to support each other, work together as well as challenge each other to be your best. Whilst the first day is challenging because you are meeting new people, by the end of your expedition you will be closer to your team members than you would be to friends you’ve known for 5 years. And in 5 years’ time you’ll still be sending each other messages and catching up.

Put you ahead of the pack

So you might be a bit smelly by the end of your journey but you will have achieved so much. On a Navigator adventure you have opportunities to lead others, work together as a team to achieve goals, push your own limits plus heaps more. These are skills that are essential to success in life. Walking into the next job interview you can be confident that you’ve faced similar challenges and obstacles on your Outward Bound adventure and overcome them. You can speak confidently and give real examples of leadership, effective communication and achieving goals. These are the skills that will put you ahead of the pack!

So what’s stopping you?

When your parents sit down next to you on that couch and give you this opportunity it is your choice. Do you think there is more in you? Do people underestimate you? We don’t and we want you to become your best. Take the leap and enrol in your next Outward Bound adventure!

Will we meet you on your next adventure? To speak with one of our friendly team about upcoming adventures please contact our team on 1800 267 999
If you would like to create an Outward Bound Australia blog please get in touch with us by emailing We would love to hear from you!

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