Duke of Ed, Silver (Double): Wondabyne to Thornleigh via Brooklyn, Great North Walk

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Ages 16 - 25
Region Hornsby to Brooklyn, Great North Walk, nsw
Detailed Information

Hike your Silver Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey with Outward Bound Australia to achieve your goals! All dates are suitable for Practice or Qualifying participants. They are not exclusive.
Please bring $4.30 in cash for the ferry. It does not accept Opal Card.


Supervisors are qualified in First Aid, have Working with Children clearance and carry emergency communication equipment. They all adhere to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Hawksbury River Train Station
Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083
We will meet in the car park, under the trees. We will plot the exact route on your maps and then take the 9:49am train to Wondabyne Station, where your Adventurous Journey officially begins. Wondabyne Station is the only train station in Australia without road access. Please have a topped-up Opal card ready for the train journey.

Thornleigh Station
The Esplanade
Thornleigh NSW 2120
GPS: -33.731714, 151.078044
Approx. 2pm, depending on group decisions


Practice Journey

Day 1: Wondabyne Station to Mt Wondabyne

(GPS coordinates of campsite: -33.496059, 151.274536)
Distance: 10km
Grading: hard

Kariong Brook Falls offers a great spot to enjoy an Aussie bush waterhole, but as with all waterways, it’s at the bottom of a gully. Climbing the hill out of this will get the blood pumping.

We can either camp at Kariong Brook Falls or continue a bit further and camp beside Mt Wondabyne and enjoy 360° views of the sunset and sunrise; it’s up to you as a group. There is creek water a short distance past both campsites, but none at the actual campsites, so water will need to be collected and treated. There are no toilets and all waste needs to be buried.

Day 2: Mt Wondabyne to Brooklyn Dam

(GPS coordinates of campsite: -33.554702, 151.207155)
Distance: 15km
Grading: hard

Exiting the bush at Patonga, we will catch the ferry across the Hawkesbury River from little Wobby to Brooklyn. Here we will be able to use the toilet and refill water.

Please bring $4.30 cash for the ferry, it does not accept Opal Card

There is a dam near the campsite where you can swim and refill water, if necessary. Water needs to be purified. There are no toilets at this campsite and all waste needs to be buried.

Day 3: Brooklyn Dam to Berowra Heights (Turner Rd Campsite)
(GPS coordinates of campsite: -33.593828,151.135238)
Distance: 17km.
Grading: hard.

This is the longest, steepest and hardest day. Drinking water is available at Cowan station. Participants will need to completely refill to the full 4-litre capacity for the rest of the day, evening, and morning of Day 4. There are no toilets at this campsite and all waste needs to be buried.

Your practice journey ends here with an evening period of reflection. You can implement learnings from your practice journey into your qualifying journey and demonstrate the required competencies as outlined in your handbook.

Qualifying Journey

Day 1: Berowra Heights to Crosslands Campsite

(GPS coordinates of campsite: -33.625640, 151.113588)
Distance: 10km.
Grading: moderate, some hard.

There is an approximately two-hour walk to Berowra Waters after a steep down and up. We will stop at Berowra Waters to refill water and use the toilets before continuing to Crosslands. Here will have access to toilets, drinking water, fireplaces (conditions permitting). Swimming is also permitted.

Day 2: Crosslands Campsite to Tunks Ridge Campsite

(GPS coordinates of campsite: -33.678726, 151.081433)
Distance: 10km.
Grading: moderate

Leaving Crosslands we will need to ensure a full 4-litres of water is carried before moving into Galston Gorge, where we can probably refill water, but should not rely on this (water needs to be purified). There is no water or toilets at this campsite.

Day 3: Tunks Ridge Campsite to Thornleigh Station

GPS coordinates of Thornleigh Station: -33.731714, 151.078044
Distance: 14km.
Grading: moderate, some hard

We will be able to get more water at the creek crossing at the bottom of the first descent out of camp (must be purified). There is a little bit of up and down today but nothing too difficult, including a detour around the shooting range at Hornsby. We will exit The Great North Walk onto the carpark at Thornleigh Station, where you can either be picked up, or catch a train home.

What to bring

The registration fee for your Silver Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey includes:

  • Fully supervised hike
  • Access to maps
  • Group emergency communications
  • Camping fees
  • National park fees

You need to bring all the gear you require for the entire journey. The registration fee for your journey DOES NOT include:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Compass
  • Stove and food
  • Backpack
  • Other personal items


We recommend you use public transport to travel to and from your adventurous journey. We have designed this route specifically for this purpose. Check https://transportnsw.info/ for train times to Sydney Central.

If your parents are collecting you, please ask them to be punctual. You can contact them on the guide’s mobile if we are going to arrive a long way ahead or behind schedule.


We recommend drinking 3 litres of water per day plus 1 litre to cook with at night. 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg. Please keep this in mind when packing. After the first day you should adjust this up or down depending on your water intake. We anticipate spring, creek or tank water being available every day, but this is never certain. Creek, tank and spring water should be treated before drinking, see briefing notes for more details. Tap water will be available at Waterfall on the afternoon of Day 2.

Creek crossings occur every day and you may get wet feet on Day 1. We do not anticipate high water on this hike but will keep you informed leading up to your journey and your hiking supervisors will make decisions on creek crossings in the field.


Composting toilets are available at our campsites on all nights and a flush toilet is available at Garie Beach on the morning of Day 2, Waterfall Station on the afternoon of Day 2 and Heathcote Station at midday on Day 3. At all other times toilet waste must be buried and you will need to bring a trowel for this purpose.

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