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Our one day programs are tailored to suit your organisation or schools needs depending on student age and desired outcomes.

Essential Information
Escape for a Day of Adventure

One Day of Thrill-Seeking Programmed Adventure

Single day programs are a great introduction to how experiential learning can fast-track team building, collaboration, goal-setting and agile thinking.

Our one day programs are bespoke programs tailored to suit your organization or schools needs depending on age and desired outcomes. With either multi activities or single activity focus, expect a day filled with fun, adventure, and challenge.

Locations - Where is this program available?

As an alternative to our expedition style programs, we offer Centre based programs with a focus on education outcomes, based in the great outdoors at Tharwa ACT.

We can also come and deliver a program for you in your ACT or NSW school or help you summit that peak you see out your classroom window.


Across the 32 acres of beautiful Ngunnawal country, and neighboring Namadgi National Park, you will be spoilt for choice with activity options.

On base programs at Tharwa generally consist of a rotation of activities like high ropes, Giant Ladder, climbing and abseiling with facilitation and initiatives linked to the outcomes you want from your program.

Off base programs can be hiking, mountain biking, abseiling, climbing, low ropes and paddling on the river or Lake Burley Griffin.

Core Outcomes of Outward Bound Programs

The recently released Outward Bound International Global Impact Report 2020 revealed the centralizing theme of CONNECTIONS across all regions and 5 CORE OUTCOMES of Outward Bound programs consistent across the worldwide network of Schools. Connections to:

  1. Self
    • Resilience
    • Confidence
  2. Others
    • Compassion
    • Social Competence
  3. The Natural World
    • Environmental Responsibility
What types of activities will our students be participating in?
Hike Expedition
Taking on leadership roles.
Day programs are designed to encourage students to take up leadership roles, develop their communication skills, build confidence and support each other.
Rock Climbing & Mountain Biking
Building courage.
Students are encouraged to build on social, emotional and physical confidence. They will explore friendships, have fun, and challenge themselves while immersed in nature.
Abseiling & High Ropes
Disciplined self-control.
The ability to follow instructions, work through outcomes and respond to the environment are all skills that students will develop across the one-day program.
Our Day Program provides opportunities for building self-confidence through a day of self-discovery - where young people realise they are more capable than they think.
Identity & Awareness
As students transition through the activities and build confidence, they begin to shape a new identity for themselves.
Spirit of Adventure
School children are constantly redefining their boundaries and seeking new experiences and challenges of all sorts.
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