Preparing for your program:
Outward Bound Junior

Everything you need to be ready to go.

Welcome to Outward Bound Australia and thank-you for choosing us for your next adventure. Your program will be hosted from our National Base in Tharwa, ACT. You will be working both individually and as a small team in a series of adventure and leadership experiences, which may include high ropes, hike expedition, and team initiatives. You will be camping each night. We will supply all the camping, cooking and activity equipment, and food. Please refer to the packing list for your requirements.

Please read carefully through each preparation section below and attend to each action as necessary. If you have any questions about getting ready, you can contact us at

For all Participants
1. Understand our Behaviour Expectations of you

Participants and parents, please ensure you have read the Participant Behavioural and Personal Competency Expectations. You are asked to confirm you have read and agree to these expectations in the Consent & Medical Form (see next step).

In summary:

  • Disrespectful, physical or verbally abusive behaviours will not be tolerated.
  • Participants are expected to co-operate and partake in the fundamental elements of the program, without deliberatively disrupting group activities.
  • Participants must be able to self-manage living skills in an outdoor camping environment.


We expect you to conduct yourself in a manner that embraces the intent of the program, and maintain behaviour that is respectful towards yourself, all other people around you, and the environment. You will be provided with instruction and guidance for all the tasks you are presented with, and we ask you to give 100% of your commitment and ability; and have the courage to ask for further assistance if you need it or are not comfortable with something you may be asked to do. All our activities are delivered with the philosophy of “challenge by choice”. This translates as we actively and empathetically encourage all participants to be involved in all activities. We will work with you to set your own standard for what is a challenge and facilitate your personal success.


No drugs will be permitted or tolerated during your stay, except for those medications declared in your Medical Form. This includes over-the-counter or non-prescription medications, including if you have brought these for non-specific / “just in case” use.

2. Complete the Participant Consent and Medical Information Form

Ensure the digital Participant Consent and Medical Information Form is filled in and submitted. You will need to make one (1) form submission per Participant.

This form MUST be completed no later than 30 days prior to your program’s start date. 
For April 2024, the medical form will lock on Sunday 17 March 2023 at 11:45pm.

This form must be completed and submitted by the Participant’s parent or legal guardian.

If you are diagnosed as having anaphylaxis or chronic asthma you will be required to provide your management or action plan. If your plan is older than 12 months, please visit your GP to have your documents updated.

If something changes in your situation after you have completed this form, please contact us directly at 

3. Inform us of your Arrival and Departure plans

Please complete the Public Program Travel Intentions Form, submitting no later than 14-days before your program start date. 
For April 2024, the travel intentions form will lock on Monday 01 April 2024 at 11:45pm.

Arrival and Departure (self-driving)

On Day 1 please arrive at our National Base for a 1030 (10:30am) sharp program start.

On Day 5 the program officially concludes at our National Base from 1400 (2pm).

Our address is 35 Naas Road, Tharwa ACT 2620.

Transport Assistance

Outward Bound Australia include a shuttle service for the following times and locations to assist participants to reach our Base.

  • Day 1 arrival options
    • Jolimont Tourist Centre (Coach depot) 0930
    • Canberra Airport 1000
  • Day 5 departure options
    • Canberra Airport, for check-in after 1430 (2:30pm)
    • Canberra Kingston Station (Train station), for check-in from 1500 (3pm)
4. Get your clothing and equipment

Please here to access your packing list for the Outward Bound Junior program

Participants are expected to come on program with all items, as indicated.

If you do not have any of the items listed, try borrowing from friends or family or buying second hand. We have also partnered with Camp List, who provide many of the items listed for hire and/or purchase. To see what is available, go to and in the central search bar type “Outward Bound Australia”.


5. Phones on program

We do want all participants to bring a phone with them, where they have one. Aside from being able to make contact if you are using the shuttle service to/from our Base, we also run a post-experience survey on the final day, which is accessed via QR code.

We do not permit bringing phones into the field, and Participants are required to hand over their phones on Day 1. This is for the security of your possession, and for the privacy of the other participants you will be working with.

All Participants’ phones will be stored securely in our office and returned at the end of program on Day 5.

If you require time to call home, please speak with our staff upon arrival, or during your program so we can arrange a suitable option within the program structure.

6. Contact During Program

All Participants will be required to not have their phones with them during the program.

For general correspondence, or if someone at home wants to send a message to their Participant, please e-mail Outward Bound Australia at Please reference the Participant’s name and program in the subject heading.

For emergency situations arising at home, where the Participant must be reached with shorter notice, please use the following numbers:

  1. During business hours (9:00am – 4:50pm) please call your Client Manager on 02 6235 5700 (option 1).
  2. After hours (5:00pm – 8:30am) the Program Coordinator can be reached on 0402 342 571.
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