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Tharwa act
Outward Bound Expedition (ACT)
Program available every April and September school holidays. Outward Bound Expedition program will boost your motivation, confidence and self-esteem. Through adventure, laughter and some one-on-one with the wilderness, you’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought possible.
10 Days
15 - 24
Tharwa act
Outward Bound Leadership (ACT)
Unlock your leadership capacity, make like-minded connections, and add a highlight experience to your resume. Program is offered every January and July, and qualifies for the Duke of Ed Award's Gold Residential Project.
5 Days
16 to 24
Royal National Park nsw
Bronze Adventurous Journey Royal National Park
Duke of Ed Bronze Adventurous Journey – The Coast Track, Royal National Park
2 Days
14 - 24
Silver Adventurous Journey – Private Bookings NSW
Private group bookings for the Silver Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey in NSW.
3, 5, & 6-day options for 2022
15 - 24
Great North Walk, Sydney nsw
Silver Adventurous Journey
Roseville to Brooklyn
Great North Walk
5 Days (2-day Practice / 3-day Qualifier)
15 - 24
Great North Walk, Sydney nsw
Gold Adventurous Journey Great North Walk
Available in NSW school holidays. Complete your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey experience. Suitable for Practice or Qualifying Journeys.
4 Days
16 - 24
Blue Mountains National Park, Katoomba nsw
Silver Adventurous Journey Blue Mountains NP
Silver Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey – Mount Solitary Walking Track, Blue Mountains NP
3 Days
15 - 24
Heathcote & Royal National Parks nsw
Bronze Practice Adventurous Journey (NSW)
Available throughout the year. Embark on your first Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey experience.
2 Days / 1 Night
14 - 24
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