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Adventure awaits!! It’s Day 1 and we have just met our brilliant team members. Everyone is excited to be here and take part in a fantastic week. Stay tuned as we try and get you the very best reports from the team on how they are going, what are their biggest successes and what adventures they have been on. We’ll post some notes daily on what’s been happening and hopefully can get some photos up and going as they send the memory card back via carrier pigeon :).

Whilst they don’t have access to social media (aren’t they brave!!) feel free to send some good vibes by posting in the comments!!

Day 1

The team has arrived. All members have touched down to our National Base safely and met our awesome instructors Shelby and Susan who are looking forward to a great week ahead. This afternoon they’ve warmed up with their first challenge the Giant Ladder. We’ll bring you some photos tomorrow!

We’ve received the blog sheet via kookaburra for yesterday. The big wins for the team were overcoming the fears of climbing the Giant Ladder and completing the one match challenge. The Giant Ladder is part of our ropes challenge course where pairs climb up together on rungs that get further apart. Their instructors Shelby and Susan are seeing some great support  and communication among team members especially on the Giant Ladder. Everyone had a go helping their partner climb and even learning how to belay them safely as well.

The photos below show them setting up their campsite for the night and learning some key skills for when they head out to the National Park on Day 2. Well done team for the skill and care in making these bivouacs!

Day 2

The team has headed down to the beautiful Murrumbidgee River (which is currently quite low and not so mighty!) Today they have been learning how to raft build and also start their first trek along to the river to their camp site. We look forward to some photos coming in!!

As you can see they had to go back to the drawing board for the raft which unfortunately fell apart on it’s maiden journey. But they had a great time making it!!


Day 3

The team had a pretty beautiful campsite beside the Gudgenby River and note from the photo above how many vegetables they ate!! Today they’ve headed to the beautiful Orroral Valley which is renowned for it’s many mobs of kangaroos plus beautiful scenery!

Day 4

The team have arrived back at National Base for their final night and spirits are high. They have had a pretty epic afternoon on the climbing wall with some great pics.

Day 5

Finishing off with a bang this morning as they took part in the Play Pen Team Climbing Challenge. Team members help each other up the rope ladder, then through the tires, up the beam to get to the top. Here are the pics!!

Congratulations to all 12 team members. Don’t forget to keep up with all the Outward Bound news by checking out our Facebook page! More photos and stories will be uploaded as they come in.


    • Kirby Glass
    • April 19, 2018
    • Reply

    To the outbound team, thank you for all of your efforts and for the daily updates. Fantastic job all around!!!

    It is Jack’s birthday on the last day (Friday 20 Apr – He will be turning 13) and we think finishing an Outward Bound adventure is a great way to celebrate it!

    If you could wish him a happy birthday and tell him that we are extremely proud of him and have the following waiting for him when he gets home:
    1. A hot shower and warm bed…
    2. Lots of cereal and milk.
    3. A family that miss him dearly.
    4. A brand new puppy that needs a teenage boy to look after her!
    we would really appreciate it!

    Thank you once again for giving Jack and all the other amazing young adults in the group an incredible experience, we can’t wait to hear about the adventures first hand!

    Warm regards,

    Kirby, Lynleigh, Leila (Ana cat, and the new puppy).

      • Michael P
      • April 20, 2018

      Our pleasure. I’m sure that all of those things especially 3 and 4 will bring a big smile to his face!! Happy birthday Jack from all of us at Outward Bound!!

    • Neva
    • April 19, 2018
    • Reply

    Happy birthday to teenager Jack🎂🤗
    Keep having fun everyone.
    Granma Neva

    • Neva
    • April 19, 2018
    • Reply

    Hope your adventure has been enjoyed by all.
    Pictures look fabulous.
    Jack is 13 tomorrow so welcome to the world of being a teenager🎂🤗
    Meet you at the airport with chilli chips!
    From Granma ✈️✈️

    • Rebecca, Vince and Rhys Borg
    • April 18, 2018
    • Reply

    Hope you are having a wonderful time Rohan. We miss you.

    • Donna Armstrong
    • April 17, 2018
    • Reply

    Bivis look great! What a challenge. If you get a chance to tell Maisie, Eddie is looking after her comfy bed! Lol Love the blog. The Armstrong family x

    • Mel Mustapic
    • April 17, 2018
    • Reply

    Thanks for the blogs !!
    Shout out to Tara 🙂
    Look forward to hearing about their adventures 🙂
    Love the Mustapic family
    PS. If a message can get to her just say “someone said Hi Mop, hope your having a great time !” She will know it’s her Mum ! Lol

    • Neva Glass
    • April 16, 2018
    • Reply

    Enjoy your course everyone.
    Jack I missed you on my walk to the National Museum after I saw you off!!
    Happy days and activities!

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