Young Explorer – Rainforest – July 2018

Welcome to Young Explorer – Rainforest 2018

Who’s up for an adventure? We’ve got 16 keen and excited young people heading out for 5 fun filled days of adventure this week. Follow their journey as they learn to work together as a team, challenge themselves and experience the beautiful environment around them. We know you’ll be envious!! Send them good vibes by commenting below. We’ll try and get photos up as often as possible.

And now let the adventure begin!

Day 1

All young people have arrived at the course! The sun is shining and our instructors Marita and Luka are looking forward to getting to know all the team members. The team will get their gear organised this morning and hike on to their first campsite with some games along the way. They also raised the Blue Peter flag which is Outward Bound’s tradition to signify we have groups heading on an expedition.

Day 2

The team camped next to the reservoir last night which is really beautiful. Today they will be mastering some canoeing skills as they paddle across to the abseil site for an adrenaline rush. We look forward to uploading stories and photos as they come in.

The abseiling was a great success with everyone showing a lot of courage and giving it a go. They reached their campsite on a high and enjoyed playing games around the campfire. The team is working well together.

Day 3

So far the team has been up to any challenge Marita and Luka have been able to set them. Today they will be able to try out their canoe skills again in the morning as they paddle to the Giants Ladder. The Giants Ladder is a climbing challenge with a twist. Pairs climb up together as high as they can go to try and reach the top. The rest of the team learn to belay them safely on the ground. However, as they climb, the rungs get further and further apart. They will have to problem solve as they climb.

The team are really enjoying playing games and luckyfor them Marita and Luka have heaps of games to share.

Day 4

Whilst it may have turned a bit wet the young ones are definitely doing really well. This morning they hiked to the Tweed River where they helped give back to nature by participating in a tree planting service project which Tweed Council have been funding. Luka taught everyone about the important ecological function trees have on the riparian environment and everyone pitched into planting. Well done to everyone!

But the adventure didn’t stop there! The team then grabbed some mountain bikes and rode up and down some of the steep hills around base even going over the Whales Tale see saw. They finished the day back on base by playing some Frisbee and having a big fire after a busy 4 days.

Final Day

The sun is back out and the Young Explorers are enjoying their final day. This morning they have been challenging themselves on the crate stack. While two people climb the rest of the team are their safety line keeping the rope taut. The climber then wobbles up as high as they can go.

Congratulations to all the Young Explorers. You’ve done so well and we look forward to seeing you on a Navigator adventure soon!

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