Young Explorer – Rainforest – January 2019

Welcome to the Rainforest. We’ve got a great bunch of Young Explorers ready to start their adventure!

Follow along and see some great pictures and read some great stories. Our bush telegraph system can be a little delayed but we will try and get photos and stories up as often as possible.

Day 1

The team have settled well into their adventure and Chelsea and Ed their instructors are enjoying getting to know all of them. After some games to settle everyone into the 5 days the team had lunch in the Longhouse and then headed to Big Ben. Big Ben is a 30m tall Hoop Pine which the team connected together via harness and rope swirl around the branches climbing higher and higher. The lead climber connects a safety line to the branches as they climb. We look forward to some photos soon.

Day 2

An exciting day lies ahead with the team hiking to the Giant Ladder. The Giant Ladder’s wooden rungs stretch high up to the canopy of the trees. In pairs, team members will help each other climb as high as they can. After lunch they will have an opportunity to cool down at the dam and to design and build their raft.

Update from the field:

The Giant Ladder was unfortunately postponed but the crew had a great time doing lots of team building activities, getting to know each other and learning the basics of navigating with a map and compass. The pictures show the team working well to complete the Magic Hat challenge. The crew has to get from one side of the acid river to the other. One member of the team at a time is safe from harm by wearing the magic hat. Looks like we have a few strong crew members!!

Day 3

We’re still waiting for the bush telegraph with photos to arrive but the team is doing great. Today they are excited to be heading mountain biking towards Mebbin National Park.

Noted from the field:

“This morning they’re refining their mountain biking skills then heading of on an 8km ride. They’ll try and beat the heat and this afternoon start their first canoe leg.”

Day 4

Today the team went abseiling. Everyone made it safely down the abseil and had a blast doing so. They then trekked down to the dam to gather their boats and practice some canoeing. There was quite a lot of ‘accidental’ capsizing during canoeing. The team is  doing well and is looking forward to an early night in order to summit Mt Warning tomorrow morning.


Day 5

The final day.

Well done to all the young people for the big efforts this week. They had a great finish by climbing to the top of Mt Warning to see the sunrise. At their certificate ceremony they lowered the Blue Peter flag to signify that they have finished their expedition. Here are some things that have been highlights for them:

  • ‘I learnt that I could carry a heavy load, I didn’t know I could do that.’ – Fox
  • ‘I learnt my boundaries and where I learnt the most, its my strength zone.’ – Lachlan
  • ‘I had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends!’ – Luca
  • I really enjoyed challenging myself and would love to do a Navigator!’ – Nityananda
  • ‘I made lots of new friends and had so much fun!’ – Samuel.

We wish all Young Explorers the best on their future adventures!

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