Simon Lewis

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Non-Executive Officer

Simon first encountered Outward Bound in his home country of Zimbabwe where he spent his childhood in the mountains around the Outward Bound School. After studying and working in the UK, he arrived in Australia with his family in 2004.

Simon chanced upon Outward Bound again while at The Trust Company as part of a corporate development program in 2009. That same year Zimbabwe had experienced a crippling drought and it was his recent experience of the ‘values journey’ at Outward Bound that led Simon to convince his family to set up a fundraising program called ‘hike4hunger’. This campaign involved an annual pilgrimage from Canberra to Mt. Kosciusko to raise much needed funds, and to raise awareness of broader food security around World Food Day on 16th October.

With a professional background in consulting, financial services, and philanthropy, Simon has recently established Goodwolf to see more resources more effectively dedicated to social value creation.
Simon has degrees in B. Business Science (Actuarial Hons), MA (Oxon) and MBA (Uni Melbourne).