Social Impact


social impact Life’s challenges test young people’s resilience. Outward Bound seeks to empower them with the skills and techniques to effectively face whatever challenges life may throw at them.

Formal education does not always effectively equip young people with the holistic skills they need to succeed in life; including resilience, understanding craftsmanship’s value, contributing positively to their community, developing compassion, seeking and sharing knowledge, as well as practicing leadership.

Outward Bound programs challenge young people of all backgrounds to do things they wouldn’t normally do, in an environment they’re not familiar with, working with others to achieve certain goals. Being immersed in this kind of environment is inevitably challenging. When participants meet this challenge, they gain a sense of achievement and deepen their understanding of themselves and what they are capable of.

Our experiential model, developed during the second world war to empower young soldiers and help develop leadership and teamwork, frequently leads to an increase in self-esteem; setting higher goals, and becoming more resilient.

Young people who participate in an Outward Bound program discover, develop, and achieve their potential sooner, which benefits their whole community.