There is a saying at Outward Bound – “once an Outward Bounder, always an Outward Bounder.”

We’ve consistently found that Outward Bound is a life changing experience and that lifelong friendships form on course.

It is often very difficult to articulate in words what the impact of our courses have.  Because of this we often ask our participants to try and tell us, from their perspective how the journey through an Outward Bound experience has added value to their lives.  Below is a selection of testimonials from past participants that give an insight into the often profound impact that a journey based program can have with skilled and dedicated staff. 

We have grouped the testimonials into the categories below:

Recently we have engaged with (university) in a large project to quantify the impact our courses have.  

More information on this project can be viewed HERE 

An ideal education is orientated towards developing our physical, psychological, mental, spiritual and creative well-being. A holistic and developmental conception of education implies that education will be a lifelong experience. To live is to continually develop our capacities. It is this concept of a broad, holistic and lifelong learning experience that we would ideally like to capture. This is how we can measure the success of our programs over time, and share this influence and success with a wider audience. It also allows us to create a community and reconnect with friends.