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Location: Tharwa, ACT

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Young Explorer is more than just a school holiday program for teenagers. By providing a fun and challenging environment, we encourage young adolescents to explore their potential through adventure, all the while supported by our expert instructors. Outward Bound instructors facilitate each activity to ensure a positive and educational experience is had by all.

The 5 day course for youth aged 12-14 offers activities such as a High Ropes Course, Raft Building, Orienteering, Hiking and many more, teenagers on Young Explorer are stimulated in a positive and constructive environment. By providing “a place apart” Outward Bound courses help young people re-connect with what is real and important in their lives and to get away from the distractions of mobile phones and social media.

Young Explorer offers five full days of fun, challenge and personal development. Enroll your child today and give them a gift that will last them for years to come.

Ready to reach your potential? Know someone who could benefit from the Young Explorer experience? Enroll or enquire online and a friendly staff member will be in touch with more information on the course, or call us on 1800 267 999.

School Holiday Program Outcomes


Self-awareness: At this transitional stage in life, young adolescents are beginning to think about themselves in new ways and to shape a new identity for themselves. We aim to equip them with tools to help them form a constructive and meaningful identity.

Self-confidence: Our Young Explorer program is designed to provide challenging experiences whereby young people can discover their true potential. By providing a challenging yet supportive environment we are able to focus on the positive aspects of adversity and teach young people that they are stronger than they give themselves credit for.

Spirit of initiative & adventure: Early adolescence is a stage when young people are re-defining their boundaries and seeking new experiences. We not only provide a positive outlet for this, we also show young people the value of seeking meaningful and challenging experiences rather than mere “thrill seeking”.

Fun! Above all, this is a fun experience that will keep teenagers engaged from start to finish. By creating a fun and positive atmosphere, our instructors keep young people engaged in the program and the learning opportunities that it entails. This is a holiday program with a difference.


Outward Bound has school holiday programs for all ages.

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$880 per person

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Date: 2-5 October 2020

Location: Tharwa, ACT



Demands on our time and the pressures of modern living can mean that families may miss opportunities to share great experiences together and build strong family relationships.

Outward Bound aims to strengthen important family relationships by providing a family get-away with a difference and a bonding experience you’ll never forget! Our 4-day family program encourages participants to support one another and connect through dialogue, personal reflection, working together and creating fantastic life-long memories. This is a rare opportunity to see your family in a whole new light.

Have fun sharing your adventure with other families who are on their own exciting journey. Adolescence is an important time for young people to build strong and healthy relationships with parents and carers in their life.

The Family program is designed for one youth with an accompanying adult. We have two Family cohorts available to join:

  • Middle School – for youth who are in school Years 5-8
  • Senior School – for youth who are in school Years 9-12


Course Outcomes:

Fun and Adventure

Above all, this is a fun and enjoyable time together and is a great way to experience the Australian bush with the help and support of Outward Bound’s expert instructors.

Unique Shared Experience

The Family Program creates a shared experience that will be recalled and drawn upon for years to come.  With increasing demands on our time and the pressures of modern living, opportunities to just spend time together are precious and will become a point of connection for years to come.

Greater understanding of one another

Through facilitated reflection, family members will gain greater insight into how they relate to one another and may even learn a few new things about each other.  Family course participants typically report that they feel a deeper and stronger connection with one another.


Would you or someone you know benefit from the Family experience? Enroll now or e-mail us at mailbox@outwardbound.org.au and a friendly staff member will be in touch with more information.


Outward Bound has school holiday programs for all ages.

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