Emerging Leaders

Discover your capacity for leadership. Conquer summiting peaks. Explore your potential and realise your capabilities.

Essential Information
Expedite Your Leadership

Discover Your Leadership Potential

Are you looking for a unique, inspiring and adventurous way to discover your strengths, core competencies and vulnerabilities?  How can you apply your skills to adverse situations?

The Emerging Leaders program will lead you through the Australian bush on a journey of self-improvement and discovery. Using the outdoors as your learning environment, analyse your ability as a manager, leader, employee, or tertiary student and develop essential skills to best apply yourself in the workplace. You’ll find you’re much more capable than you thought.

Emerging Leaders is a 5-day expedition-based program for young adults 18 – 25 years. 

Discover Your Capacity to Lead

Discover your capacity for leadership in unusual environments, literally and metaphorically. Your capacity to lead involves making decisions under pressure, visualising the “end game”, maintaining situational awareness and communicating context.

Your group will need to work together while organising camp, cooking on fires, navigating through the wilderness, and summiting peaks. The individual challenges such as high ropes and abseil are supported by your two Outward Bound facilitators, who will expertly explore and discuss how to apply these experiences to your life back home.

Draw On Resilience and Rise to the Summit

Outward Bound Australia will facilitate your learning journey in the unique Australian landscape. Through some exhilarating experiences, you will be confronted with intensely challenging situations where you will draw on your resilience.

Make Lifelong Connections

Join a unique crew of 16 young adults, all seeking the same goal as you. Experience a sense of camaraderie like you might never have experienced before, and make social connections you might even keep for life.

What are you waiting for? For a chance to meet like-minded connections and add a highlight experience to your resume, sign up for the Emerging Leaders program today.

Take a Step Above

Get a step above the competition by adding this outdoor leadership experience to your resume. Book as an individual or come as a group to this rewarding and transformative program.

Enrol individually, or speak to your employer about sending a small team together.

Contact our team on 1800 267 999 to learn more or ask any questions about the program in your state or territory.

Location - Where will we be exploring?

Emerging Leaders is hosted from our National Base, in Tharwa ACT. Your journey will see you explore your capabilities in the backdrop of Namadgi National Park.

What's Included in the program fees?

Emerging Leaders program fee is $1,597 per person, incl. GST for 5 days of leadership development in unusual environments.

Outward Bound’s program fees include all national park entry fees and camping permits, all meals, activities and specialised equipment that you may need on the adventure. Small group sizes ensure you will have the most enjoyable and epic adventure!

Accommodation and Meals

All food, water and snacks are provided throughout the duration of the journey. All cooking and safety equipment will be issued, including  your travel backpack, sleeping mat, and camp shelter.

As this is an expedition-based journey you will be sleeping under the stars in campsites where you will set up ‘Bivvies’ to provide necessary shelter.

Transport and Equipment

All safety equipment and activity gear, maps, and communication devices will be provided. All National Park and camping/activities fees and permits are included together with program transport, including return shuttle service from Canberra.

You will be supported by Outward Bound Australia’s Professional Instructors for the duration of the adventure.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Terms and Conditions of payment. Enrolment and receipt of payment is accepted as acknowledgement and agreement of these conditions.

Safety Information

Safety is serious business when hiking and traversing the Australian Bush. At all times our programs are managed by qualified instructors, who will run through our Safety Policy.

All safety and risk assessments ensure the health and welfare of participants comes first. Our Risk Management Policy can be located here: Risk Management Policy.

Packing List - What will I need?
Come prepared and leave inspired!

Please click on the images below to access your packing list for the Emerging Leaders program. Participants are expected to come on program with all items, as indicated.


We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone (1800 267 999). Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Where am I sleeping?

Our programs are expedition-based. You will be hiking to a new expedition campsite every night where you will share a bivvy (A-frame tarp, with waterproof groundsheet and sleeping mat.)

What will I eat?

We value fresh food and endeavour to organise regular food drops for you to enjoy throughout your program. Participants will learn to cook a variety of group-based meals, including pasta, rice, burritos, and perhaps even a roast dinner. We are able to cater for most dietary requirements. We will request your specific dietary needs before the program.

Can I bring technology on program?

An Outward Bound program is your opportunity to ‘disconnect to reconnect’. We encourage adult participants to not use technology such as phones, tablets, music players, etc. during your program. If you need to bring these items, we can securely store these while you are out in the bush.

Do I have to wear hiking boots?

We recommend hiking boots for all our programs. If you are unable to source these, you will need to find a suitable pair of lace-up, fully enclosed footwear, that has a rigid sole and provides ankle stability.

Do I have to bring the wet weather clothing?

We use the rain jacket and waterproof overpants as a heat-trapping layer in the evenings, just as much as a waterproof cover in the case of rain. For the majority of situations, we continue with our program when it is raining, and so very strongly encourage participants to provide these items.

Do I have to bring the thermals?

For programs running May – September, yes you do need to bring the thermal top and bottom to program. For programs running at other times, you can choose if you want to bring these or not. Overall, we recommend bringing thermals for any time of year, as they can act as a lightweight jumper in the evenings, or as a pair of pyjamas (which are not a part of our packing list).

What activities will I be doing?

All Outward Bound programs include a hiking expedition and team initiatives. The program length and location may include abseiling, rock-climbing and high ropes. Programs in Western Australia and Grampians VIC usually include a water-based activity.

Do I have to be very fit to come on a program?

An Outward Bound program is an expedition in the natural environment, so you need to feel confident enough to manage walking on uneven ground for 5-10km every day of your program length, carrying a full hiking backpack that typically weights approximately 15kg. We do adjust our programs to meet the capabilities of each group.

Where are the programs held?

All-year-round programs operate from our national base in Tharwa, ACT. We operate seasonally from our Base in Walpole WA, and our remote set-up along the Snowy River, VIC.


We want as many people as possible to experience the advantage of a wilderness program in Australia. Through our charity arm, the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund, we can offer financial scholarship opportunities to those participants who would otherwise not be able to afford to come on a program.

To apply for a scholarship please go to our Scholarship Application Form.

Action-Packed Adult Leadership Discovery Activities
Hike Expedition
Leadership development.
As you journey with us, you will be encouraged to lead, empower, and set extraordinary goals for yourself and your team. Discover the world of leadership with confidence and guidance.
Defined sense of purpose.
Take the opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. Solidify the confidence to walk tall and carry yourself with clarity, wisdom, and energy. A sense of self-confidence and decisiveness will be valuable skills to take home.
High Ropes
Expanding Interpersonal Skills
Develop interpersonal skills that are imperative to your future employability and success. Understanding others’ emotions and behaviours, empathising, and supporting peers is a significant part of life. Lifelong skills such as responding to others, compromising and truly listening are masterful traits to accomplish.
Self-Awareness and Self-Management
You will learn to establish and maintain your personal motivation to complete tasks reliably and promptly - for both your own advantage and the benefit of others. Across the 5 days, you will need to make decisions regarding your own actions and accept responsibility for the consequences - regardless of whether they are desirable or unintended.
Collaboration and Teamwork
Engaging in complex and non-routine situations that demand new logic for a successful resolution, you will draw on teamwork and collaborative skills. The tasks you embark on will require intentional and collective efforts to ensure success.
Initiative and Problem Solving
Demonstrating a will to succeed as part of the team, you will draw on your initiative to support and lead at various adventure stages. Differing strategies will be offered by participants based on their backgrounds. This creates an environment where you must be considerate, reflective, and negotiate.
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