A participant on a Professional Development course with Outward Bound surveys the valley below

Enabling leaders to realise they never stop learning and teaching is key to true professional development. Outward Bound Professional Development courses build successful leaders and teams by helping individuals realise their full potential in an outdoor learning environment.

Where other providers focus on technical skills, Outward Bound focuses on emotional and social intelligence. We specialise in the key development areas of:

  • enhancing leadership capacity
    • self awareness
    • self-management
  • fostering peer relationships and support
    • effective and constructive collaboration
    • team awareness
  • communication, influence and negotiation skills
    • giving and receiving feedback
    • managing conflict
    • coaching
  • developing greater understanding of challenges and opportunities relating to your role

We know, through more than 70 years of success around the world, that the best way to learn about yourself and others is through experiential learning.

The difference between a regular training session and the Outward Bound course is that people can study management techniques for years and not to be able to use them in the practice. The participants of Outward Bound courses are challenged in an emotional and mental way in order to be able to use such techniques in a natural and conscious way at the end of each training session.

Josh Smolenears, The Laminex Group

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Why experiential learning for professional development?

People relate to people, objects and concepts, in that order. It’s hard for people to grasp concepts. Experiential learning demonstrates concepts and the behaviours associated with them. It enables people to understand these concepts better and allows people to make the connections at a neural level. In this way, Outward Bound professional development courses teach leadership skills you can’t learn from a book,  classroom or boardroom, including;

  • Communication
  • Lateral and critical thinking
  • Adaptive management
  • Compassion
    • Empathy and motivation to help others
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience

Our professional development courses will give your emerging leaders insight into their own capabilities and management methods, empowering them to inspire their own teams to reach their potential. They provide a unique opportunity for your team to experience challenging, custom-designed leadership and team-building sessions, delivered in stunning and natural environments. A typical professional development program runs over 5 days. Work with us to deliver long term, tangible outcomes for the graduate recruits, emerging leaders and middle management in your organisation.

“Outward bound changed my life and allowed me to reach the biggest goals ever.”
Gary Spencer, participant.

Professional Development Program – sample itinerary

Adventure Learning Program - Sample


Outward Bound courses currently run in ACT, northern NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. Read more about our areas of operation.


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