Community program participants with Outward Bound


Community is at the heart of everything Outward Bound does. We partner with organisations that share our vision of building a community of well-rounded, resilient, responsible, adaptable and compassionate people.

In a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented, disconnected and unequal, we deliver life affirming programs for our community partners that meet the needs of the people they work with and help bridge the gap of inequality. Experiential learning, or learning by doing, and authentic adventure is how Outward Bound delivers the outcomes participants reflect upon throughout their lives.

“Every aspect of the Outward Bound Program including its strategic design, safety measures and objectives exceeded our expectations. Not to mention the staff, level of professionalism and excellent coordination and facilitation that are truly commendable.”

Wesley Mission Victoria

Read more testimonials from our community partners and watch videos of previous programs, or this article our CEO, Alex Green wrote about Adventure Learning for Mental Health.

Look at this case study from a recent Tweed Schools Environmental Leadership Program. This is just one example of a successful collaboration between Outward Bound, a Council, 12 secondary schools and external consultants. This highly impactful program demonstrates how authentic adventure combined with post program workshops build a strong sense of belonging, connect students to their environment, develops their leadership skills and empowers them to be change-makers for a better world.

Community program – sample itinerary

Adventure Learning Program - Sample


We feel privileged to have partnered with these organisations, among many others, working with:

“All I can say is “wow, what an excellent program”. It exceeded our expectations in terms of our desired outcomes; promote independence, develop teamwork, sense of achievement, develop resilience, physical and emotional challenge. But what it also did was “Develop Leadership” to a level and at speed I just did not expect and I have coached 100’s of youth over the years. WELL DONE to you and your team.” Jason Juretic, CEO Stepping Stone House

  • Drug and alcohol affected families

Watch the video of the Queanbeyan Community Drug Action Team program in 2018.

Watch the video of the AIME 2015 Australian Young Indigenous Leadership Summit

Watch the video of our Women of Courage program and apply for the next program.

This is a small sample of community organisations we have partnered with. We provide life changing personal development programs for people from low socio-economic backgrounds, people with disabilities and mental health issues.

We currently operate in these locations and are always looking to deliver better outcomes to more Australians.

How Community Partnerships work

Community Partnerships begin when a community group, business or charity organisation is committed to solving a problem they’ve identified. Champions who are motivated and willing to take a leadership role unite in promoting and coordinating programs at a local level.

There are four key ingredients:

  1. A community that wants to provide their young people with greater educational opportunities in life, and has the motivation to get the program started;
  2. Community champions who are willing to take a leadership role in promoting and coordinating the programs at a local level;
  3. A sponsor willing to assist with the costs of the program; including corporations that believe in social responsibility; and
  4. Dedicated Outward Bound Program Managers and facilitator to provide an empowering program with funding support from the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund, where appropriate.

Outward Bound has a proven and successful structure to nurture these communities and present them with opportunities including a funding model, sustainability kit and a program plan.


Outward Bound courses currently run in ACT, northern NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. Read more about our areas of operation.

Please call us on 1800 267 999 or email to see how we can work together to attain the outcomes you’re seeking.