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January 16, 2020 1:39PM

People Development

People Development is an innovative approach to building be courageous leaders in your team. You might pay for it from your Professional Development budget and that’s OK, we’ll still call it People Development.

Are you ready to take your team on a journey of discovery?

A journey enabling your teaching staff or non-profit to learn about each other and share personal inspirations, challenges and values outside the staffroom or office.

Set in a natural environment to encourage authentic conversation and reflection, your team will navigate adventure learning initiatives requiring collaboration, communication and courage. They’ll form deeper human connection with greater understanding of themselves, each other and your organisation.

This is not about improving professional efficiencies, it is about human connection and building a more inclusive team.

2- or 3-day People Development programs with accommodation and catering available at Tharwa, ACT only.

Contact us however you’d like:

NSW and WA Northern NSW and QLD ACT and VIC
Ian Wells Lisa Flower Kenyon Neal
0419 203374 0419 203371 0448 234557
Ian on LinkedIn Lisa on LinkedIn Kenyon on LinkedIn

Schools, claim your $10,000 here, read about our new Rite of Passage program and our 1st Birthday Duke of Ed birthday to you!

Community not-for-profit groups, claim your $50,000 here.

Outward Bound Australia respect and admire the courage and proficiency of the predominantly volunteer firefighters who continue to battle fires across our country. Our thoughts are with the communities and wildlife impacted and we will continue to assist with emergency accommodation, food and on the ground assistance.

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