Professional Development Courses – Testimonials

Decision maker feedback on Outward Bound Professional Development Courses:

“I recommend Outward Bound Professional Development Courses to anyone aspiring to be a leader: graduates to middle management, really anyone who seeks growth and to understand effective leadership and teamwork.

The course opened my mind to myself and how well I can work with others, and how to learn more from others. In the week just passed being back at work, I have been more conscious of varying leadership styles and different elements being implemented to draw team members to a common goal. I feel more attuned to what is going on around me in both the literal & figurative sense.”

Gillian Acres, Executive Assistant, Westpac Banking Corporation


“I can confidently say it is the best course I have attended and would recommend it to anyone. It is the only course I have attended which allows time for self-reflection and to reconnect with your values both at work and at home. In a busy world, you can forget these…. the things, which define you. It has given me greater confidence and inspired me to be a better leader and highlighted that the impossible is possible when a team pulls together.”

Cameron Corcoran, Fletcher Insulation

“The difference between a regular training session and the Outward Bound course is that people can study management techniques for years and not to be able to use them in the practice. The participants of Outward Bound courses are challenged in an emotional and mental way in order to be able to use such techniques in a natural and conscious way at the end of each training session.”

Josh Smolenears, The Laminex Group


“Outward Bound’s Professional Development Program is a life-changing experience to say the least. Every member of my group was privileged to have been able to take away so many learnings and apply them in our daily lives from just one short week. I believe the unique blend of theoretical, experiential and real-life scenario teachings, together with a balance between team-oriented and self-guided activities have greatly increased our awareness towards our personal behaviours and how we interact with other people in our worlds.”

Victor Lee, Project Logistics Manager, Mettle Group


“Recently I experienced the incredible positive power drawn from understanding others and acknowledging our differences during a 12-day Self Development and Leadership program run by Victorian volunteer organization – the CFA (Country Fire Authority) and Outward Bound Australia

Firstly, we undertook theory to learn about both individual and group Values and Behaviours, people’s communication preferences (such as Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory and Data Digital), differences between the male and female brain (including communication techniques) – amongst many other things.

Once the classroom work was complete, it was time to put this new knowledge into practice.

We were taken to the wilderness and challenged with activities such as white-water rafting, bush walking, caving, abseiling, rock climbing, and a 24hr solo (this involved being placed in the bush by yourself with limited supplies to make camp and prepare food – and was a time for reflection without interruption). Participants were able to share and conquer their fears, provide leadership to the group and assist others in meeting their goals.

I have been a part of many large teams before, but never before have I ever witnessed a team coming together in such a short time to achieve great things. When we have a greater understanding of those around us and acknowledge (and accept) our differences, great things are possible.”

Wayne Goodes, Training Manager, fmedge

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Particpant feedback from Outward Bound Professional Development Programs:

“The personal and team learnings that I have taken away from this course will be of great value to me in both my current role as a Customer Service Manager and as well as future roles. The course was heavily focused at the completion on practical ways to transfer the learnings back to the home and workplace. I believe that this course is well targeted to a wide range of people and roles from the Supervisor looking to move to a Management position all the way to Managers already at a senior level. All would benefit from this style of leadership training.

This training was money very well spent by Fletcher Building and I would recommend these professional development courses to anyone and thank you again for the opportunity”.

Andrew McLean, Fletcher Building

“The highlight of the programs was learning the importance of difference roles within a team and how to harness a range of diverse opinions and views to achieve an end results. There was a big emphasis on the importance of listening to others and formulating a common goal, which has really helped out team back at work”

AT Kearney participant

“I really enjoyed getting to know my peers’ backgrounds, strengths and goals. It also gave me greater insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and helped me recognise that everyone has leadership potential and that different leaders are appropriate at difference times”

Cathay Pacific participant

“My time on Outward Bound has taught me the importance of maintaining morale when in a leadership role and that everyone has to be moving or changing together to succeed”.

Kraft Foods Australia participant