Private Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey – Jenolan Caves to Wentworth Falls

From: $660.00

To book – Only the first day/date of the hike is shown on the calendar below, click on this date to make your booking. Please note that this hike is 6 days / 5 nights.

If you require a shorter duration journey, please contact
As a private journey, a minimum of 7 participants are required to have enrolled by Friday 27 November. If there are less than 7 participants at this time, this date will be made available to the public to fill remaining places.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Terms and Conditions of payment. Enrolment and receipt of payment is accepted as acknowledgement and agreement of these conditions.

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This private Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey runs Sunday 6 – Friday 11 December 2020 (6-days / 5-nights), and will meet the criteria for:

  • Double Gold (Practice and Qualifier – there are provisions from Duke of Ed Australia until December 31 2020 to do a reduced Practice of 2-days, and a standard Qualifier of 4-days.)
    • Please note, you must have your Award Leader’s approval to do this.
  • Double Silver (Practice and Qualifier – total 6-days)

If you require a shorter journey, for any of the three levels, please contact Caroline Bowman at Outward Bound Australia at or 0448 238 930.


The registration fee for your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey includes:

  • Two fully supervised hikes: Practice and Qualifying
  • Group emergency communications
  • Camping fees
  • National park fees
  • Access to required maps

You need to bring all the gear you require for the entire journey. The registration fee for your journey DOES NOT include:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Stove and food
  • Backpack
  • Compass
  • Other personal items.
Price:      $660
Length:       6 Days / 5 Nights
Distance:     71.5km
Location:     Blue Mountains NSW
Day 1: Jenolan Caves House to Black Range Campsite

Distance: 10km.  

Grading: Easy to Moderate

Start with a brisk uphill stair climb before catching your breath at the Carlotta Arch lookout. Continue heading uphill out of the valley before the path flattens out at the top of the ridgeline. There are a few up and down sections today, but nothing difficult. This is a well maintained campsite including picnic tables, toilets and a rainwater tank (must be treated before drinking). No camp fires are permitted here.  

Day 2: Black Range Campsite to Cox’s River Campsite  

Distance: 19km.  

Grading: Hard  

Walk approximately 100m from the campsite to pick up the ‘Six Foot Track’ markers. Follow paralel to the powerlines uphill. Pass a stockyard, the turn steeply right around a spur, before heading downhill, passing through two minor creeks. Continue parallel with the creek until you head gently downhill to the night’s campsite. Cox’s River Campsite provides a shelter, water (rain tank or creek – treat before drinking either), picnic tables, toilet and a flat grassed camping area with excellent access to the river.   

Day 3Cox’s River Campsite to Old Ford Reserve

Distance: 7.5km.  

Grading: Moderate, some hard.

Follow the clear track towards Six Foot Track Lodge, situated above the flats of the Cox’s River. Continue past the timber path for 70m, and through a gate with a Welcome sign. After another 130m the tracks bends right and heads down some timber steps. You will then climb up another series of timber steps, crossing a few small gullies along the way. When you reach the top-most of these steps you will be at Bowtells Swing Bridge. This is a lovely spot for lunch and some fun photos. 

Bowtells Swing Bridge is suspended over the Cox’s River and spans 100 metres. Only one person may be on the bridge at any time. The bridge can sway a fair bit, which some people may find challenging.

Once everyone is across, head along the hillside into a pleasant, lush gully, then head up another set of timber steps for just under 1km. The track will start to get thinner and you will start to be walking through bush paddocks. Leave all gates as you find them, remembering to close any gate that you must open to get through. Keep an eye out for bulky metal stiles to help you climb over fences. You must use these where present, rather than “jumping the fence”. Pass the Megalong Cemetery before reaching a large sheltered Six Foot Track Information sign; this meets with Megalong Road. Walk 500m north to reach Old Ford Reserve. There is access to creek water, which must be treated before drinking, and a toilet.

Day 4: Old Ford Reserve to Leura Creek 

Distance: 20km.  

Grading: Moderate, some hard

The next part of the Six Foot Track passes through private property, so ensure to keep the track and use the stiles where present. Cross a small creek before entering a gently undulating scribbly gum forest for 500m. Pass the historic Megalong Village, marked by a small bronze sign, before crossing Diamond Creek and joining the Nellies Glen trail. Soon you will be walking steeply uphill for about 300m, where there is the option to take a side trip to Norths Lookout. Reach the Explorer’s Tree, and you have officially completed the Six Foot Track. Congratulations!

Head east and continue towards Katoomba. Walk the steep downhill main street to reach the Three Sisters and Echo Point. We will join the Sublime Point Fire Trail and camp beside Leura Creek. We can refill our water (water must be treated) in the creek. There are no toilets at this campsite.

Day 5: Leura Creek to Kedumba River Campsite

Distance: 15km 

Grading: Moderate, some hard

We’ll make our way into the Kedumba Valley, with views of the towering cliffs of Kings Tableland. We will enjoy the breathtaking views from atop the mountain and descend into our riverside campsite where we can refill our water (water must be treated) and swim in the river. There are composting toilets at the campsite.

Day 6: Kedumba River Campsite to Wentworth Falls Station

Distance: 18km 

Grading: Hard 

Our last day is highlighted by a morning climb out of the valley through the Kedumba Walls to Kings Tableland. Crossing Jamison Creek before it plunges over Wentworth Falls into the valley below we’ll enjoy one last view from the lookout before heading up to the station.


Supervisors are qualified in First Aid, have Working with Children clearance and carry emergency communication equipment. They all adhere to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Volunteer Code of Conduct.


Jenolan Caves House

4655 Jenolan Caves Rd
Jenolan NSW 2790

There is car parking on site. We will meet in front of the cafe.




Wentworth Falls Train Station  

Station StWentworth Falls
NSW 2782


Approx. 2pm, depending on group decisions  


There is no suitable public transport to Jenolan Caves. There is regular train services from Wentworth Falls Train Station for the final day. Check for train times to Sydney.  


We recommend drinking 3 litres of water per day plus 1 litre to cook with at night. 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg. Please keep this in mind when packing. You can adjust this after the first day depending on your water intake. We anticipate creek or rain water being available every day, but this is never certain. Water from creeks or dams needs to be treated.  


Creek crossings occur every day but the water level should be low enough to keep your feet dry. Supervisors will make decisions on creek crossings in the field. 


Flush toilets are available at some campsites, and should be used whenever available. At all other times toilet waste must be buried and you will need to bring a trowel for this purpose. 

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