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1. What got you into outdoor education?

I started in Outdoor Education later in life. I was approaching my 30’s and looking for something with a bit more meaning than “working for the weekend”. Beginning at Outward Bound I originally thought it was more about activities but soon learned that Outdoor Education had a lot to offer and was hooked. I have been involved with Outward Bound since 2000 with time working for other companies in between.
Stand out memories include instructing 3 Challenge courses (22 day programs) and Outward Bound’s epic journey Summit to Sea (26 days). I have also had the privilege of working in our spectacular Western Australian base in Walpole as Operations Manager leading a team of staff who loved their work. About a year and a half ago I moved into my new role as Regional Operations Manager for the entire southern regions of Outward Bound Australia. This has meant greater responsibilities and challenges but with that come the rewards when we get it right.

2. What makes Outward Bound staff different?

The one constant at Outward Bound Australia has been the staff. Our staff come from a multitude of backgrounds with diverse personalities and are accepting, open, warm and come with a willingness to learn and grow both professionally and personally. I have made life long friends with people I may not have taken the time to get to know in different circumstances and am truly grateful for that opportunity.  

3. Favourite quote?

The one quote that has always resonated and stuck with me was stuck on the toilet door at one of the accommodations at Outward Bound on a piece of paper not more than 5cmx 5cm back in 2003. It was from Bob Pieh who started the Minnesota Outward Bound School.

Be tough, yet gentle,

Humble, yet bold,

Swayed always by beauty and truth.

by Bob Pieh


    • Roger Buckley
    • June 05, 2018
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    Congratulations Damon wow 18 years. I was on the selection panel that recruited him and I remember how competitive it was to be selected. It’s amazing to think how many lives that you have made an impact on, some little some major. OBA has a special place in my heart as well.
    Roger Buckley past Director

    • fergus barrett
    • May 22, 2018
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    I had the privilege of working with Damon while i was in OBA. I will always remember his style and manner of instructing , as i said to myself at that time ,i would love to instruct like Damon. His presence , sense of humour, professionalism and attention to detail was evident at all times. Like so many in OBA, Damon represented the values of the organisation at all times. I will always look back with fond memories of my adventures with this living legend.

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