Outward Bound Adventures

Outward Bound Adventures with Primal Adventures

Outward Bound Adventures are short, mainly domestic journeys run by our adventure travel company partner, Primal Adventures. They are designed to be fun and accessible to most fitness and age levels. They are not traditional Outward Bound programs designed to facilitate change and growth.

Outward Bound Adventures may contain traces of an Outward Bound program like fireside chats, small group exercises and adventure activities, but they more about enjoying the outdoors and less about delivering outcomes.

Your participation will raise funds for the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund to enable a less fortunate young person to participate in an Outward Bound program too.

If you are time-poor, adventure hungry or don’t have the equipment to do a memorable adventure, these are for you. If you are the type of person who loves the social validation of helping others through charity fundraising, then these Outward Bound Adventures are definitely for you.

That’s right, you’ll be raising money for the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund to enable a financially, socially or geographically disadvantaged young person to participate in an Outward Bound program. It’s called a win/win. You have an amazing adventure and you enable someone less fortunate to have one too.

You may be Outward Bound alumni and want to experience a mini version of the life changing

course you did previously… without carrying your big pack and cooking for yourself. Just sit back around the fire at the end of the day and relax!

Primal Adventures is led by ex Outward Bound Instructor Helen Cooper. As Helen said, “I love Outward Bound. I have the fondest memories of working there. This is the perfect partnership!”

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