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Welcome to Young Explorer – Australian Alps! We have 32 very adventurous young people, 2 groups and 4 instructors ready to share some great stories of team work, overcoming challenges and successes with you. Please check in and follow along. Photos and stories will come in and be uploaded...

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Welcome to the Navigator blog for our team on expedition through spectacular Rainforests in Nth NSW. We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with the stories and triumphs of the team over the next 12 days. We’ll try and get photos up as soon as they come in...

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Welcome to everyone to the Navigator – Australian Alps adventure. Everyone has arrived safely and excited to meet their instructors Marita and Forrest. We do have a few hot days. We’ve already seen them running around playing some games to get to know each other in the cooler part...

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With over 30 years as a cherished client of Outward Bound, Perth College continue to bring out the best in their young women. The inspiring outdoor education program is designed to deliberately put the girls in a safe and supported position out of their comfort zone with a goal of...

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26 days 16 crew 1 Adventure of a lifetime Welcome to the Summit to Sea blog for 2019. Updates will occur every couple of days. We’d love to hear your comments! Day 1 and 2 With cooler weather in the ACT for this year’s start the team have been...

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Insights from Zoë Routh Zoë is on a mission to encourage big thinkers with big hearts to make a big difference. She is passionate about showing leaders how to challenge limitations so they can live and lead with boundless energy, confidence, and conviction. With over 30 years experience developing...

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Welcome to the first Summer Scenic Rim to River The adventure has started with all 11 team members geared up and ready to go. Whilst it is hot they are up to the challenge. Throughout the 14 day challenge they will be learning and practicing leadership, setting goals for...

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So your Mum (or Dad) have sat next to you on the couch and clear their throat.. ”Ahem…[insert your name] or darling etc. I’ve seen this cool adventure you can go on next school holidays” You roll your eyes. “It’s called Outward Bound and it’s 12 days camping in...

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At Outward Bound Australia we have an amazing diversity of passionate staff. Meet Kevin Neff. Kevin hails from the USA and has been working at Outward Bound Australia for the past year and a half. Kevin brings an exuberance to his role as In Field Supervisor as he mentors...

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Guest Blogger: Ben J Kelly Ben has a wide range of job experiences including as an officer in the Australian Army and working as an instructor and Business Development Manager for Outward Bound Australia. He currently teaches at a secondary school in Perth, WA.  In 2007, I had applied...

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If you’ve ever been around a campfire and someone is cooking something delicious you will know that feeling of excited anticipation for the feast to come under the stars. Instructor Marita Hills knows this feeling all too well as she loves to cook outdoors. Marita (Winner Great Aussie Camp Oven...

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Welcome to Young Explorer – Rainforest Who’s up for an adventure? We’ve got 17 keen and excited young people heading out for 5 fun filled days of adventure this week. Follow their journey as they learn to work together as a team, challenge themselves and experience the beautiful environment...

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