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Update 10 December 2020: Ian Curlewis will always be remembered at Outward Bound Australia’s national base at Tharwa. A redbox gum was planted beside the ropes course in his memory by Executive Chair Loren Miller, Board members Jessica Bulger and Simon Crisp and senior staff Helene de Lagillardaie and Forrest Perrin de Graaff. Tim Booth, our tree planting volunteer who has planted over 5000 trees along the Murrumbdigee corridor coordinated the planting.

Let’s hope it grows strong and well and will provide shade for our ropes course participants in years to come.

23 August 2020: Ian Curlewis, Chairman of Outward Bound Australia (OBA) from 1986 – 1991 passed away gracefully on 19 August 2020, just short of his 91st birthday. Farewelled with love by wife, Beverley, and children Amanda, Luisa, Tony, Matthew, and their families.

Son of Sir Adrian Curlewis, who founded OBA in 1956, Ian was Outward Bound to his core. He was instrumental in establishing OBA’s national base at Tharwa, ACT in 1978, a base from which OBA still delivers life-changing programs today.

Former Chair John Atkin said, “Ian was a passionate and dedicated supporter of Outward Bound Australia throughout his life and in his personal life exemplified so much of what we value about Outward Bound”.

Loren Miller, OBA’s current Chair, had this to say on the enormous legacy of Ian Curlewis, “In challenging times like this, communities come together and the passion and commitment to OBA within our community is extraordinary. This is due to the foundations laid by OBA champions, like Ian Curlewis, and his father, Adrian, before him.”

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We at Outward Bound pay tribute to Ian Curlewis’ enormous legacy and our thoughts are with the Curlewis family during this sad time.

“To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield.”

Ex-Chairs, ex and current Board Members, Philanthropic supporters and staff all paid tribute to Ian Curlewis. Here is a small sample:

“I recall Ian suggesting to me as we holidayed together in the Kimberley around 2001 that I should get involved with Outward Bound. As ever, Ian was on the job promoting the welfare of the Organisation that he loved. I took his advice and have never regretted. I was the richer for it.” Rod Pearse

“Ian was for so many years a pillar of strength for Outward Bound. Committed and enthusiastic, he always promoted the virtues of Outward Bounds.
He and Bev were a good team and friendly to so many. We were also impressed with his physical fitness as well as, of course, his many cerebral qualities. Sally and I salute Ian for what he did for Outward Bound over so many years. His famous father would have been very proud of what he did for this wonderful organisation.” Geoffrey White

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    • Carlo Bongarzoni
    • August 27, 2020
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    As a OBA Board colleague of Ian’s I will always remember his “äction-oriented” inspiration for all things Outward Bound. He chaired at a critical make or break time of the organisation’s history so there was always something happening re new courses, new regions, bricks and mortar and so on. Those times were exciting but often a bit nail-biting as we had to work extraordinarily hard to stay in the black. Coincidentally those years were also probably the most engaging for the broader OBA family of relatives, supporters, donors and friends. Times when we would congregate at Tharwa or elsewhere to raise the OBA flag, raise money and immerse ourselves in the organisation’s pioneering successes under CEO Garry Richards crusading leadership. Ian and Bev with so many friends like Geoffrey and Sally White were at the forefront of the then OBA family. Ian – in so many ways – epitomised the OBA spirit of strive and sustain to achieve. He will always remain in my OBA memory. Carlo

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