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Australians have experienced some unprecedented challenges over the summer. We are helping in numerous ways, now and into the future.

We’re offering incentives for young people to get into the bush to build their resilience, adaptability and other life skills in this changing world.

Outward Bound Australia has never before offered a discount, incentive or credit for any program.

Together, let’s create change-makers at your school who will lead a positive future.

For programs booked and delivered before 30 June 2020 we will give you $10,000 or more towards an adventure learning program. In brief:

  • 4 or 5-day program between Monday and Friday
  • 3 or more groups (from 40 – 100 students)
  • in Tharwa, ACT or Uki, northern NSW.

How will Outward Bound help your students adapt to, and lead this change?

Your students will be emotionally, physically and mentally challenged by Outward Bound’s model of authentic adventure learning. Carefully crafted and skillfully facilitated initiatives enable your students to:

  • build their resilience to push through adversity
  • identify and develop their strengths
  • believe they are capable of more than they know

They are encouraged to think critically and creatively, communicate and collaborate in unfamiliar places through challenging situations. Curiosity, compassion and courage are celebrated. Human connectivity and empathy are honoured.

These attributes underpin the complex and innovative thinking required to shape our future.

Imagine your students driving that innovation.

What if the next Greta Thunberg was a student from your school?

Read about our new Rite of Passage program, help your teaching staff be courageous leaders and our 1st birthday Duke of Ed present to you!


    • Rose Anderson
    • September 23, 2020
    • Reply

    I am very interested in your programs for schools. I have grown up hearing stories of the outward bound school as my father was one of the founding instructors in the Hawsberry river school

    • April 30, 2020
    • Reply


    Hi there Outward Bound,
    While you were hibernating, I was having a look around your website, and I saw the page (link above) about helping schools get involved. I know we won’t be able to hold a program before June 30 so it may not work out for you, but if a rain cheque is possible, please let me know as I have two high school-aged kids, with lots of friends (Richmond River High, Lismore) and some great teachers who I know would love to take you up on your offer.

    Thanks for all you do, and if he is there, please say hi to Peter Eggler for me – we worked together as Cub Scout Leaders some years ago.

    Kerrie Pimm

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