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Summit to Sea

Take Outward Bound's most famous epic journey through three states, from Australia's highest mountain to the south coast of Victoria. In just under 4 weeks, you will discover new things about yourself and grow in ways you never thought possible.

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Summit to Sea 2017

January 09, 2017 2:00PM

Welcome to the Summit to Sea 2017 blog. Today 20 people will begin Outward Bound's most famous epic journey through three states, from Australia's highest mountain to the south coast of Victoria. In just under 4 weeks, they will discover new things about themselves. As often quoted at Outward Bound
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October 21, 2015 12:05 PM

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Location: Mt Kosciuszko to coastal Victoria


Summit to Sea is Outward Bound’s most famous epic adventure through three states, from Australia’s highest mountain to the south coast of Victoria. In 26 Days, you will discover new things about yourself, boost your self-confidence and grow in ways you never thought possible.

Be immersed in the sheer beauty of the Kosciuszko National Park and the wilderness regions of the Snowy River, unplug from modern technology and allow for personal reflection with far greater depth than possible in a conventional setting.

Learn new skills, and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime as you navigate your way through planned routes with your group. Have fun, and challenge yourself through a range of outdoor adventures including hiking, mountain biking, white-water rafting and caving.

As you are guided by some of Australia’s best outdoor instructors you will be given opportunities to reflect on your life, your achievements, and your ambitions on our famous solo activity (we can’t give too much away).

Summit to Sea is a life changing adventure that should be experienced by everyone at some stage in their life. Summit to Sea is a perfect gift idea for students in transition to university from senior school (great 18th or 21st present), for people looking for leadership development, and for people in career and life transitions.

Outward Bound encourages you to take a look at some of our course blogs and testimonials for Summit to Sea – grasp how unique this course really is.

Getting Ready for Summit to Sea – A Brief Guide

A must read for those who are looking to enroll and build up some fitness.

Course testimonial

Ready to reach your potential? Know someone who could benefit from the Summit to Sea experience? Enroll or enquire online and a friendly staff member will be in touch with more information on the course, or call us on 1800 267 999.

Course Outcomes


Self-confidence: Summit to Sea will help you to discover and then expand your potential. Through overcoming challenges within the program, you will learn the mental tools and strategies to seek out and overcome challenges in your life at home. Our expert instructors take a one on one approach to mentor and empower each individual to strive for their best.

Perspective & focus: By taking you out of your normal environment, Summit to Sea allows you the opportunity to reflect and gain insight on what is truly important to you. The immersive experience and stunning scenery are the perfect back drop for quiet and deep reflection. From this, you can evaluate your priorities and set your direction.

Adventure: The venue for this 26-day journey features the rolling plains of Australia’s high country, the rugged beauty of the Kosciuszko National Park and the iconic wilderness of the Snowy River. You will be immersed in breathtaking wilderness for the best part of a month, learning how to travel, survive and thrive in the great Australian bush.

Leadership Development: The Summit to Sea course offers practical leadership experience in a challenging yet supported environment. Underpinning all of our teaching on leadership is the belief that all people have unique capabilities and that through an awareness of our own and others strengths, we can provide effective and empowering leadership.


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