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Women of Courage

Next program:   Date: 16th -20th May, 2020 Location: Tharwa, ACT 2620 Who: Domestic Violence Survivors from the ACT/ surrounding regions. Price: Fully Funded. All equipment, gear, food and local transport are provided to the ...

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Women of Courage - Fully funded program for ACT women who are survivors of domestic violence

Next program:


Date: 16th -20th May, 2020

Location: Tharwa, ACT 2620

Who: Domestic Violence Survivors from the ACT/ surrounding regions.

Price: Fully Funded. All equipment, gear, food and local transport are provided to the participants. Participants only need to bring personal items.

Download this form to apply: Women of Courage Application and Questionnaire May 2020

The Women of Courage program is intended for women who have experienced trauma, loss or domestic violence and have progressed through their own personal healing and are ready to challenge themselves in a new setting. With a highly trained and experienced team of compassionate female instructors the course will focus predominantly on increasing self-esteem and self-reliance, building supportive relationships with other women and encouraging a sense of “trying something new”. This could be anything from hiking for the first time, sleeping in the outdoors or trying abseiling. Participants are facilitated through a challenging and inspirational outdoor journey, including activities like rock climbing and rafting, wilderness hiking expeditions and personal development sessions. These activities encompass our philosophy of “challenge by choice”.

Ready to reach your potential? Know someone who could benefit from the Women of Courage experience? Enquire online and a friendly staff member will be in touch with more information on the course, or for more detail about specific programs contact us via: mailbox@outwardbound.org.au or contact Rachel Eland – Foundation Manager on 0447 862 812.

Read the Women of Courage Impact Report for more information: Women of Courage_ Restore Hope Impact Report

Program Outcomes:

Celebration and Connection: Women of Courage will help you celebrate your inner strength and character. You will be supported to connect with others in a positive environment and celebrate your own and other’s unique abilities

Self Esteem and the Ability to Envision Ones Best Self: By giving yourself the chance to shine and be yourself away from distractions you will gain new found self esteem.

Recovery from Setbacks: By providing a unique environment, Women of Courage allows you the opportunity to reflect and gain insight on what is truly important to you. The immersive experience and stunning scenery are the perfect back drop for quiet and deep reflection. From this, you can evaluate your priorities and set your direction.

Impact on Others:  By surrounding yourself with other women who have faced challenging circumstances you will be able to see the positive impact that your story has on other people and be inspired to continue to be a positive role model in your community.


How do I Apply?

Download this form: Women of Courage Application and Questionnaire May 2020.

An application form and questionnaire will need to be completed by each participant. This questionnaire is designed to help you understand the challenges of the Women of Courage Program and to support you in preparing emotionally, physically and mentally. This information is confidential. After we receive this you will be contacted for a telephone interview. The purpose of the interview is to confirm this is the appropriate course and the right time to participate. There will be plenty of time to ask questions to ensure you are making a well-informed decision to attend the program. The last step is to complete an on line medical screening form.

No prior outdoor experience is necessary and most levels of abilities and fitness are catered for. We encourage you to take part in some form of regular exercise most days of the week like walking or cycling leading up to the program as this will help you gain the most out of the program.

All equipment, gear, food and local transport are provided to the participants.

Enquire 1800 267 999


Designed for those looking to gain confidence in the outdoors and have a great time. Discover is a personal journey to reclaim your wanderlust.

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$1,926 (all inclusive)

Discover is all about getting into the outdoors in a supportive and safe way, and makes a great alternative to the off the shelf tours available in the market.

Our highly experienced instructors will lead you into the great outdoors – often through sections without trails – to give you the confidence to explore on your own. We have designed this short program to empower, inspire and to educate those looking to reclaim their youth, as well as those getting into the outdoors for the first time.

Over the 5 days you will be immersed in a journey based expedition that seeks to immerse you into the wilderness and removes the conveniences of the modern world in favour of real conversation, shared challenges and a pervading sense of wonderment in the various inspiring landscapes we are proud to call our operational areas.  There is no wifi out here, but we guarantee you will have a better connection.

Bring your partner, your friend, your spouse or just yourself for the most engaging and uplifting journey you will experience this year.  Discover the outdoors in a new way, discover yourself.


Outward Bound has school holiday programs for all ages.


Navigator is an opportunity to stretch your limits and build confidence & self-esteem. Aimed at developing leadership skills this makes a great addition to your resume.

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2,348 all inclusive

Next programs:



Date: 13th April 2020

Location: Tharwa, ACT.

Price: Navigator is valued at $2,348 incl GST.


If you’re just starting to think about your career or study path, don’t make a decision until you learn more about the strengths and abilities you may not even know you have.

Through adventure, laughter and some one-on-one with the wilderness, the Navigator course will give you personal motivation, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and provide you with the skills to map your journey of self-discovery! You’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought possible.

The Navigator course is 12-day personal development experience for youth aged 15-17. The Navigator program is full of adventure, wilderness, new friends and fun, whilst discovering and developing your potential! You will learn things about yourself you could never learn in a classroom. The focus is on you, however, you will share your adventure with other young adults in a close social group.

Get a head start by adding an Outward Bound certificate to your resume. Completing this program is a great achievement. It aims to provide a greater sense of self and the ability to face the future with confidence, resourcefulness and a determination to succeed in whatever you decide to do.

You will be picked up from a central designated meeting place in close proximity to the program location, and dropped off at an agreed departure point at the completion of your program.

The Navigator program qualifies for the Duke of Edinburgh – Gold Residential Project.

Outward Bound Australia encourages you to read through some of the Navigator course blogs and testimonials. Please click below:

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Ready to reach your potential? Know someone who could benefit from the Navigator experience? Enroll or enquire online and a friendly staff member will be in touch with more information on the course, or call us on 1800 267 999.

Course outcomes


Self-confidence: Through physical, emotional and social challenges, the Navigator program helps young adults to learn more about their own potential. By spending time outside their comfort zone, young people will learn that they are capable of more than they realise and will develop the confidence to seek out and overcome challenges in their lives at home.

Initiative & motivation: The Navigator program teaches young people to take responsibility for their actions and mindsets. Outward Bound impels young people in to challenging experiences that force them to reconsider how much responsibility they are taking for their motivation and direction back at home.  Navigator participants commonly express a willingness to try new experiences and to find challenges for themselves after their programs.

Awareness of self & others: By taking adolescents away from their normal social environment (school), we allow them to explore their identity away from everyday peer pressures. This not only allows them to develop an understanding of themselves, it allows them to take on new roles in a social setting and to understand how they can affect those around them.

Leadership development: The Navigator program offers adolescents the opportunity to lead in a challenging yet supportive environment. By practicing their leadership in the outdoors, young people will experience immediate feedback and tangible results from their actions. Our expert instructors offer one-to-one mentoring to suit the natural style of each participant.


Outward Bound has school holiday programs for all ages.

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