By: OBA Webmaster On: January 7, 2019 In: Adult Adventures Comments: 11

26 days 16 crew 1 Adventure of a lifetime Welcome to the Summit to Sea blog for 2019. Updates will occur every couple of days. We’d love to hear your comments! Day 1 and 2 With cooler weather in the ACT for this year’s start the team have been...

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By: OBA Webmaster On: December 10, 2018 In: Adult Adventures Comments: 3

Welcome to the first Summer Scenic Rim to River The adventure has started with all 11 team members geared up and ready to go. Whilst it is hot they are up to the challenge. Throughout the 14 day challenge they will be learning and practicing leadership, setting goals for...

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By: OBA Webmaster On: August 30, 2018 In: Adult Adventures Comments: 0

Have you ever been caught Googling your next adventure at work? Looking out the window at your university lecture day dreaming of going hiking on the weekend? Want to push the boundaries of what you think you can do in the wild? Chuck down that pen, turn off the...

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