Outward Bound adventures are an investment! An investment in yourself or someone you care for. Outward Bound Australia helps you to realise your potential and this includes being savvy, brave and committed enough to fund raise for yourself. The feeling you will get once you achieve your goals and the skills and experience you gain are part of the Outward Bound experience. So what’s stopping you?

Here are our 3 simple steps to fund raise for your next Outward Bound adventure!

Fundraising Stories

Eliezer had wanted to complete an Outward Bound adventure for some time. After seeing an offer online for funding support from the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund Eliezer put his hand up to come. With the support of family, friends and the local community, Eliezer  was able to cover the remaining portion of his program fee and travel costs.


So what did Eliezer think about the experience?

The Outward Bound Australia experience has the capacity to genuinely be a life-changing experience. Yes, there are thrills and a sense of adventure that does accompany the program and even an adrenaline rush occasionally. However, in my opinion, the true impact happens post-program when one tries to infuse that profound experience back into their daily lives. The OBA experience asks you questions about yourself and the world more. 

Here are some hints from Eliezer on how others can achieve the same:

Fundraising tips :

I offered to mow people’s lawns and do some gardening jobs in my community. I advertised myself through social media and asked friends and family to share the advertisement with their friends. It’s also handy to pick up some odd jobs – keeping your ears open for any possible opportunities. I found the best way to make some income was through self-employment and entrepreneurship. It may take a little investment in tools or a piece of equipment that you may require to do a job, however it ultimately gets you to your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Get out, set some goals and fundraise to come on your next adventure with Outward Bound Australia!