Youth Leadership Programs

youth leadershipOutward Bound is invested in helping young people discover, develop and acheive their leadership potential through program opportunities that explore the fundamentals of leadership and teamwork using experiential techniques, wilderness-based journeys and classroom-style workshops.

Programs are available for individuals and groups interested in leadership, whether they be school captains, prefects, sporting captains, community leaders or aspiring leaders.

The School Leaders Program is for schools with students interested in leadership development opportunities and individuals wishing to expand their leadership knowledge and potential.

The Duke of Edinburgh Western Australia is a specialised program developed by Outward Bound in order tosupport The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (WA Division) in the Adventurous Journey component of the award.

The Smith Family National Aspiring Leaders Summit is one of Australia's premier leadership events, open to youth sponsored by The Smith Family. A second leadership summit for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students is the AIME, NIYLA and Beacon National Aspiring Leaders Summit.

The Rabobank Young Rural Leaders Summit is an exciting event for 16-18 year olds living in communities that are members of the Country Education Foundation of Australia that are interested in developing the necessary leadership skills to make a difference in their community.

If you are interested in partnering with Outward Bound on any of our Youth Leadership Programs, or would like to get involved with a new initiative that provides leadership opportunities for youth in your region, please submit an enquiry and our Partnerships Team will get in touch with you.

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