Why Choose Outward Bound for your Outdoor Education?

Active ImageSchools have many choices in designing and delivering outdoor education experiences for their students. These can include providing in-house camps and contracting external providers. Outward Bound has proudly served individual schools for over twenty years.

Outward Bound is more than an outdoor education experience. We are not a camp, a retreat or even strictly an adventure experience. Outward Bound is a journey of self-discovery.

What sets Outward Bound apart from other outdoor education providers?

There are numerous reasons schools choose to out-source their program to Outward Bound.

  • The professional development experience Outward Bound provides for teachers
  • Outward Bound becomes a large part of the school culture and overall personal development
  • Outward Bound has the ability to deliver programs to an entire year level simultaneously and at certain times through-out the year, multiple year levels at one time. This has the advantages of simplifying school calendar planning, minimising class disruption and reducing coordination, planning and transport costs.
  • Outward Bound provide fully qualified instructing staff, reducing ongoing staff and training costs for the school
  • There are no hidden costs - our price is fully inclusive.
  • Outward Bound provides excellent value. Our not-for-profit status allows us to develop excellent corporate relationships. These relationships allow us to subsidise school programs to ensure that we are able to make our price accessible to all Australians.
  • We have over 50 years experience, specialising in outdoor education and personal development!

What students say about Outward Bound:

When students return from their Outward Bound experience, they do not reflect just on the individual activities.  Student feedback consistently reflects significant emotional, social and intellectual growth:

  • "Outward Bound was the best experience I have ever had, with every moment a new challenge";
  • "The best thing about it was the tight little community we formed.  How close you got with people you never knew you would."
  • "I believe I am a better person for it... it was absolutely awesome";
  • "Outward Bound was a journey that I will never forget.  It was a learning experience that will help me in different aspects of tasks in life";
  • "I learnt to be happy and comfortable being myself."
  • "I learnt that I could do things that I never thought I could";
    "Spending ten days with people outside of your comfort zone really put things in perspective"
  • "Even though it was hard it has changed my views on life forever.  Outward Bound really is the experience of a lifetime";
  • "...taught me to respect my peers and not to take little things for granted."
  • "After completing Outward Bound, I now see what I am capable of and that I can do so much more in my life."