Testimonials from our schools

Student feedback

We became a close knit team, at the same time discovering who we really were. Out in the bush, under pressure your real character shines through, and it was a fantastic almost cleansing feeling. The intense friendship and love was prominent with all of us accepting each other's weaknesses and applauding our strengths. Gone were the superficial and shallow aspects of modern life and we adored it. I think that we all underwent a change for the better and will benefit from this for a long while.
Student - School of Total Education, QLD

The Outward Bound experience was one of the most important things I've ever been through in my short life. I learned so much about myself and how I react and interact with others. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me - it forced me to grow up.

The challenge bought out things that we didn't know about others and tested us to see how we would get around the problems we faced.

The abseiling was heaps cool cause not only did you get a nice view but also it got my confidence better, in other words I can rely on other people now.
Student - Cranbrook School, NSW


Teacher & parent feedback

In 2012, Perth College celebrated their 25rh year of Outdoor Education with Outward Bound. Olwyn Brown was the original backup teacher and spend many years on the program. She says the program has provided students with a right of passage over the years and has many fond memories of her time on course.

The girls showed that they'd understood the necessity of team work, the benefits of doing more than your share, of planning ahead and the understanding that as tired, wet and uncomfortable as you might be, you could keep going.

Read Olwyn's full story here.




She has returned from camp, a much more confident and self sufficient young woman believing in herself and her new abilities and has not stopped talking of her experiences in a most positive light.
Parent - Radford College, ACT


I have been both extremely impressed and forever thank you for all the assistance provided by Outward Bound both on and off the course. And I would be more than glad to continue the working relationship Marist-Sion College has with Outward Bound for many years to come.
Teacher - Marist-Sion College, VIC

Just another quick note to express my appreciation to your entire team involved with the recent Year 11 Marist program. Yet again, another program exhibiting high quality. From what I could gather students and staff were extremely positive after the course.
Teacher - Marist College Canberra

To the wonderful Outward Bound leaders,

I really do not know where to start. I felt that I had to write a letter because the spoken word would not do you all justice. You are simply and purely amazing. For all the inspiration I have received from my peers around me, along with those beautiful individuals we met on the panel - you were the ones that humbled me the most. You have all worked so hard, and just seem so switched on. This is going to sound somewhat absurd but what really gives away your uniqueness and wisdom are your eyes. You may not realise it, but all of your eyes seem to have this perfect blend of peace and fire within.

It has been through your activities, your support, your kindness and laughter that has made this leadership course what it is, so on behalf of everyone - thankyou. My Dad has always gone on about 'Outward Bound' and how amazing it is, and now I can see what he sees, this organisation is amazing, and that is directly because of all of you. Thankyou.

With fondest regards,
Angelique Murray

Francis Greenway High School has been associated with the Year 9 Outward Bound camps for the past three years.  We were fortunate to be able to tap into this valuable resource as a result of our school's involvement in the Coal & Allied Community Trust. 

At Francis Greenway, we see the Outward Bound camps as a valuable resource in helping to connect our young people with their potential.  These camps give students invaluable experiences in pushing their boundaries, extending themselves and being productive members of a team.
Francis Greenaway High School

[Outward Bound Instructor] taught us a lot about humility, leadership by example, discipline (fairness and firmness) and listening and perception.  These 7 days have given me tools to take into my teaching.
Cranbrook School Teaching staff

Does it make a difference to the students - absolutely. The Outward Bound data shows that, the parents tell me that and my teachers know that these students are different and better for it - in leadership, in focus and in general demeanour.
Robert Biggs
Principal, Irymple Secondary College